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    Proper Edge Distribution Design

    Chad Spears CCNP CCDA CCNAS

      Can anyone shed some light on the proper design  of the Edge Distribution referenced in the Enterprise Composite Model?  The configuration, and design theory?


      I ask this because from reading the CCD Offical Cert. Guide; I find very little information about how this should be configured to provide redundancy....and how to design the module when you must incorporate a Firewall.


      Diagrams, Documentation, and Configs would be great.




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          Aloha Chad,


          Attached is a picture from the CCNP SWITCH Foundation Learning Guide showing the Hierarchical Campus Model.  You will not the redundant switches in each layer as well as links between them.  Each switch block is shown in gray.  Each switch block then represents a building, server farm, data center, the campus WAN, and service provider edge or the enterprise edge.


          The enterprise edge is the area that contains all the connections to remote locations to include users, employees, the internet, partners, vendors, or other campuses.