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      • 60. Re: Not Providing a CCSP to CCNP Security Migration Path is Lame
        Rigo - Community Moderator

        Hi All,


        The CCSP to CCNP Security migration depends on the exams used to achieve the CCSP certification, as a few older CCSP exams do not qualify for the CCNP Security. For instance, CSVNP or HIPS exams do not qualify for CCNP Security, even if the those exams were used to achieve the CCSP certification. Please refer to Table 2 and 3 in the following FAQ's page for valid paths/exams towards the CCNP Security program https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-10424


        For exact details based on your current individual exam records, please open a case with the Certification and Communities Online Support team http://www.cisco.com/go/certsupport




        Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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          Marcus Fan



          I think what the members would like to see if information they can fine online rather than having to open up cases.  If the information can be published once and correctly, it makes more sense than working the support team to answer the same or similar question over and over.


          It would be nice to tailor something (messaging) for those who certified with the original exams when CCNA Security didn't exist.



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            Rod Gurriti

            People I just got the following information:

            You cannot use expired exams towards your CCNP Security.



            You got your CCSP in Nov 2007, it means that your exams have expired because they last for three years. This means that you cannot use the exams you’ve done towards the CCNP Security.


            At this moment you only have one choice, take the new exams (including the CCNA security if you don’t have)


            I know it sounds weird, a CCSP doing a CCNA Security.


            I can only hope Cisco doesn't do this very often... think about.. it if cisco starts doing it to every cert ?

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              Marcus Fan

              That will disappoint a lot of people, but hopefully the benefit will be evident in the long run.  This also does change the playing field.


              Despite this unfavorable change, I hope that people continue to see the value of certification and the opportunities being certified creates.

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                Hello Everyone, Cisco has updated the Migration path for CCSP to CCNP Security, check it out it has all the items you need to get the new cert without any problem.

                Rod, of course you can not use expired exams to get the new certs. But once you already have CCSP you just need to take one 642 to keep the security cert.

                If you look at it, if you take the IPS exam to have that specility rateing, then you will be taking it every 2 years, so there is not a worry to keep the security certs.

                Just check the migration path to see what Cisco came up with 

                • 65. Re: Not Providing a CCSP to CCNP Security Migration Path is Lame
                  Rod Gurriti



                  Well I cannot tell you about the future, but I can tell you if this type of change shakes the certification's trust. Nobody wants to put 5k + one year studying just for a couple years until everything goes out the window.


                  I agree that some renew needs to happen time to time, but you cannot let down the technicians they invested their time and money on Cisco because they trust on the company.


                  I think Cisco could have a migration exam, this would be fine.

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                    Jerold Swan

                    Rigo, is there any chance of allowing the CCIE Security written to be used as a migration path? I got the CCSP in 2003, and none of the exams I took still exist. However, I'm a CCIE R&S and have passed the CCIE Security written within the last six months, so it's not like my skill set has been untested since 2003.

                    • 67. Re: Not Providing a CCSP to CCNP Security Migration Path is Lame
                      Marcus Fan



                      I agree that there should have been some type of path for existing CCSPs whether it's a CCIE Security exam or some type of composite exams.



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                        Marcus Fan

                        Rod Gurriti,


                        I totally understand what you are expressing and I have mixed feelings about this myself as it puts me in an awkward position.


                        I am hoping that a decision is made to put in place one migration exam for existing CCSP.

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                          Darby Weaver

                          I've been following this thread passively for quite a bit now, mostly since its inception.


                          1. The exams appear to have changed and there is no backwards path for older CCSP certified professionals.


                          Umm..  I'm strangely ok with that.




                          The exams reflect the new security features and job roles of a new generation.


                          I also took and passed Managing Cisco Network Security back in 2001 or something like that, maybe it was 2002.


                          Look it has been so long ago, I'd have to look it up to be sure.


                          ****, I wasn't sure I could remember the names of the 1st edition exams...


                          6 or 7 or 8+ years... Um... time for a refresh!!!



                          2. I am certified as a CCSP so I have a stake in the game.


                          No, I don't think the CCIE Written is the same as the CCSP track and don't think it should be allowed as a "catch-up" to the CCSP track.


                          3. I, for one, am happy to re-certify my skills and continue on down the path with the value-added initiatives Cisco keeps offering.


                          I'll take my hits for that one and yes, I am willing to pay my own money to obtain the latest certifications.


                          Hey!  Maybe the new exams will be a little more cheat-proof than the last versions?


                          We can hop right.



                          Look, time to **** it up, get over it, take it on the chin, grin, and get on with it...


                          The CCSP didn't get retired.


                          You still have it and if you haven't updated your skills...


                          Well that's all you still have and that is it.


                          New stuff from Cisco...


                          Either learn it... or move on...






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                            I currently hold the CCSP certification and want to migrate to the CCNP Security certification. I also hold CCNA and CCNP certification, but not the CCNA Security certifcation. Do I have to obtain the CCNA Security as a prerequsite?

                            • 71. Re: Not Providing a CCSP to CCNP Security Migration Path is Lame
                              Rigo - Community Moderator

                              Hi JPW,


                              The CCSP to CCNP Security migration is based off of a few factors as shown on the following CCNP Security FAQ page https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-10424


                              You can open a case with Cisco Certification & Communities Online Support for assistance in getting more detailed information based on your current exam records. To open a case, please visit www.cisco.com/go/certsupport




                              Cisco Learning Network Moderator

                              • 72. Re: Not Providing a CCSP to CCNP Security Migration Path is Lame



                                I just got a response from Cisco Certification support


                                Dear Michael,


                                Thank you for contacting the Certification & Communities Online Support.


                                The CCNP Security is not automatically awarded to CCSP candidates.  CCNP Security must be achieved independently.


                                Exams required for entry, associate and professional level certifications are valid for three years from the date the exam was passed.


                                Placing expiration dates on exams ensures that candidates starting a multi-exam certification such as CCENT, CCNP, CCDP and CCIP, complete the program within a specified time-frame. By passing all of the required exams within the specified time period as noted above, candidates demonstrate that they are tested on current content. In situations where the period exceeds three years, candidates will need to re-take those exams that expire.


                                CCSP Certifications will remain valid and achieving the CCNP Security is not required for CCSP Certificate holders.  Those that do wish to achieve CCNP Security will need to meet the same requirements as new candidates.


                                You will need to take all of the following exams to achieve CCNP Security Certification.


                                CCNA Security - 640-553 IINS


                                642-637 SECURE
                                642-617 FIREWALL
                                642-627 IPS


                                If you have any further questions, or require additional assistance, please click the hyperlink below to update your case.


                                Kind regards,
                                Cisco Certification & Communities Online Support Center


                                Is this a joke?


                                I just took 642-515 to recertify for Cisco CCSP and now Cisco wants me to take CCNA?


                                Before I took 642-515 I spoke with somebody on the phone and they told that I can take any exam from CCSP or CCNP track to be migrated. After I took the exam and my status didn't change I called Cisco again and Christine Stoecklin told me that I need to take any exam from CCNP security track to be migrated.


                                I'm confussed.

                                • 73. Re: Not Providing a CCSP to CCNP Security Migration Path is Lame
                                  Rigo - Community Moderator

                                  Hi Mike,


                                  I am sorry to hear of the confusion regarding your CCSP to CCNP Security migration.


                                  Since I do not know the details of your passed CCSP exams, you can request that the Certification & Communities Support team confirm which exams were used to achieve CCSP (Please note: Some older CCSP exams may not qualify for CCNP Security) Additionally, they can provide you with a clear CCNP Security migration path based on your exam records.


                                  The CCNP Security FAQ page also has some information regarding the migration path based on the exams you have passed. In addition, there is information on the older exams that do not qualify for migration. Please see https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-10424


                                  Hope this helps.




                                  Cisco Learning Network Moderator

                                  • 74. Re: Not Providing a CCSP to CCNP Security Migration Path is Lame

                                    Hi Mike,


                                    My friend at work received similar reply re recertyfying CCSP.


                                    I think Cisco Certification Support people are confused and are confusing you re CCNA Security.

                                    The best, most accurate, tool for seeing where you are on CCNP Security track is your Certification Tracking Tool profile.

                                    You then go to Certification Progress and then CCNP Security link.

                                    You will see then that having valid CCSP or CCNA+SND exam (till November 2011) meets requirements of what "element" A of CCNP SEcurity track requires.

                                    To get CCNP Security you have to have FULL blue square against each of six CCNP Security elements marked from A to F. F is just Cisco Certification Agrement, so elements A to E include exams which when passed meet the requirements of each element.

                                    Think about it like a PC directory structure with CCNP Security being the highest level folder and elements from A to F are like subdirectories and the exams in each folder/element are the exams which Cisco decided are appropriate to get your CCNP Security.

                                    Tor each folder/element you need to pass ONE of the exams listed there. However you need to pass all of the allowed exams within the 3 years moving window.


                                    So as of today 18/Jan/2011 only valid exams which you passed since 19/January/2008 will count towards your CCNP.

                                    While your older axams might be on the list, they do not meet the 3 year window criteria, so you have to take another allowed exam to get your CCNP, sorry.


                                    What is annoying to people like my work friend is that replies from Cisco Certification Support do not mention this 3 year window.

                                    So if you passed your CCSP exams after 15/October/2007 then answer from Cisco Cert Support on 20/October/2010 would have told you (if you did not take SNAA exam as your elective exam in CCSP track) that you need to take SNAA by 8/April/2011 oe new VPN exam to get CCSN Security.


                                    However if you took, for example, your IPS exam in January 2008 and SNRS in February 2008, then even if you passed your SNAA exam in March 2011 you would not get your CCNP Security.


                                    You would need to pass IPS and SNRS exams (or new equivalents) to get CCNP Security now, because the your passes in IPS and SNRS are no longer valid (remember: 3 year rule is in play)

                                    This is NOT theorethical example. My friend IPS exam expired yesterday, so now he has 3 exams to take to get his CCNP Security.


                                    The problem with Cisco is that if you looked at other places on Cisco website you would not have known about importance of 3 years rule because various tables prepared by Cisco often do not even include exam number, never mind timeframes, so CCSP holders just see IPS and SNRS exam name and say "great, I just need SNAA or VPN exam and I am done).


                                    You would have thought that after last year debacle with CCNP track validity of ONT and ISCW exams, Cisco would have learned some lessons and applied them to CCNP Security track, but unfortunately it is not the case.


                                    They should control their corporate training communication much better, so only consistent, validated and approved information is published as an official Cisco certification policy.


                                    Foe a start Cisco should use links to approved certification information from different locations on their website, instead of allowing different people in Cisco to interpret what they think the policy is and keep publishing misleading information.


                                    I am not suggesting of course that Cisco does it on purpose. I am just saying that the process is broken and needs fixing starting with Cisco Certification Support function.


                                    Good luck,