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    CCIE R&S Written Exam 350-001 Impressions


      I sat my written exam yesterday, again, version 4 obviously.  I originally sat it back in 2008 but my lab studies were postponed more or less until recently.  Such is life.  I want to pass on some impressions and warnings, without violating NDA.  If anyone feels I go too far or cross the line, please let me know.  I'm not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. 



      First off, the questions are worded more clearly than the professional level certification exams I have taken.  While this was true back in v3.1, it is even more true with version 4.  They may come at you sideways and force you to think outside the box, but at the very least the questions are easy to understand. 


      Lots of exhibits!  I enjoyed this because I really dislike reading text for an hour straight(perhaps I'm in the wrong career field?). Being able to pull back and look at a diagram is a blessing in disguise!  It also keeps you on your toes which I think is a plus.


      Unfortunately, the exhibits are a double edged sword - while some are clear and easy to read, some are poorly formatted, too small to really read well on the ancient testing center resolution, or they are cramming too much info into too small of an area.  Specifically, text-heavy exhibits need to be sure the text is large enough to be legible! 


      I can't say much about specific questions, obviously, but an extra simulation or two wouldn't hurt.  Nothing fanatical since we have the lab up ahead, but having to run some show commands or perhaps a debug wouldn't hurt anyone. 


      Finally, I was glad to see Cisco moving away from drag and drop.  They're silly IMHO, and while I did have that type of question on my test, they abused them in the ISCW and ONT exams IIRC and it aggravated me to no end.  This exam was a pleasure in comparison. 


      I will say that the distribution of topics was a little surprising.  Instead of posting up what I got, I will say that Anthony's post about the exam over at INE's blog is fairly accurate for my exam as well.  I was surprised to see as much IPv6 on there as I did, I will say that.  Good questions though. 




      All in all it was a fair exam, the questions were peaks and valleys as I thought several were CCNA or CCNP level - which also matches Anthony's review.  I am glad to see Cisco putting in more time and effort into developing exams, or at least the team that did this one.  Anyhow, hope this helps people a little when preparing.  The exam is fair, but it does ensure you did some studying first!