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    Cisco Training Resources - We'd like to hear from you!

      We continue to thank you all for your feedback. Presently, there are a variety of Cisco training resources available to community members working towards certification: Cisco Learning Partners, Cisco Press books and simulators, Cisco training materials located throughout the Cisco Learning Network and on Cisco.com, as well as the peer network available on the Cisco Learning Network.


      Your feedback is important, and we are glad that the Cisco Learning Network has facilitated this discussion. What additional training resources would you like to see Cisco produce to assist you with your certification preparation? What should these resources cost, and how should they be designed or structured for usage by a global audience? Through what channels should these training resources be made available, and how should we promote or make customers aware of them?


      We simply would like to hear from you!




      Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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          I would like to see courses offered virtually or pre-recorded, for a slightly lesser fee. If Cisco could pre-record their course offerings, then sell the course manuals and a DVD or streaming link to the video, that would work wonders for those of us who have the money but not the time to travel halfway across the country for training.



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            Nicolas MICHEL


            We all know that without practising , CCNA is useless to study !



            I know Mr Odom is working on a CCNA Lab Software but , what i would like to know is Lab courses .. We all have a lab at home or using simulator . But what if we have no idea and no path to follow about what we are currently learning (ex routing , VTP , stp etc etc)






            I would like to see a cisco book speaking about lab only ...



            Do this kind of lab : here is your mistake etc etc u did that good etc etc



            Lab are the only way to really let us realize if we have understood the concept of CCNA subjects ...






            Hope ive been clear



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              One of my major problems been finding devices to setup a lab.



              So maybe if Cisco could list some of devices that perhaps we need to setup a lab and with their specifications in a simple way that beginners like me could understand that be a great help.



              Thank you and thanks to CLN staff for putting such valuable tools on this site






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                Hi Andrew.


                I've purchased a number of excellent books and video mentors from Cisco Press and I've been very pleased with all of them. I'm a frequent forum user (read much more than post) and I find the forums extremely helpful.


                I'd like to see some structured labs. Either from Cisco Press in print/pdf format or on CLN. The Cisco Press self-study and exam certification guides are extremely helpful; however, there aren't any labs in them. I think 1, 2 or 3 labs for each exam objective would be very helpful. Challenging labs - a book full of them.


                If such book had been available when I began studying for the CCNA (ICND2) exam, I would have paid $50.00 for it without giving it a second thought - and $75.00 if it contained a lot of challenging, thought-provoking labs. Wendell Odom is probably your man for the $75.00 book.

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                  Matt Kerry

                  Hello Nicolas MICHEL

                  Cisco has published a number of CCNA lab workbooks you can follow at your own pace, based on the CCNA networking academy curriculum.

                  Look here, starting half way down the page



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                    I think a great tool would be a Simulator for practicing labs. Packet Tracer is great and has benefited me more than almost all of the other tools combined. I can practice anywhere, and it allows me the flexibility to build networks that I would never be able to afford or have readily available access to. For instance, when I see an example in Wendell Odom's books involving multiple routers using Frame Relay, I can duplicate it fairly easily in Packet Tracer, which allows me to know exactly what he's describing.



                    There is no way I could do that in most labs. And if you screw up with the wrong cable or enter the wrong DLCI, it responds the same way the real equipment would.






                    Just a thought,












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                      Hi andrew,



                      First of all i would like to appreciate the idea of discussing things with us... i am really inspired and impressed with the training materials present here...and mainly discussing things in forums with experts and community members ....and also QLM is excellent....i am preparing for my ccna....i can see QLM for " access lists" only in ccna forum ....i would like to see more QLM in certain key topics in ccna curriculum ..it will be very useful for those who pursue ccna.... and one more thing it will be very helpful if it is in downloadable format....


















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                        Hi Andrew,


                        The CLN portal is doing a wonderful job..


                        Kudos to all of you guys..


                        After viewing a large number of discussions under the CCENT / CCNA threads, I felt that majority of students find difficulties in topics related to Binary mathematics. I have played your Binary Game and it is wonderful.


                        What you can do is to add something (similar to Binary game) for Summarization / Subnetting practices. It is easy to do these questions at home, but when students see such questions on Exam Pattern, they got nervous. It is not because they don't know subnetting....rather it is because they are unable to do it in a Given Time Slot and that too directly on the PC under Pressure conditions..


                        Nothing similar to this is given anywhere on any other portal.


                        A timed exercise ( like a Game ) on Summarization and Subnetting is definitely going to help many students while preparing for CCNA exams.






                        Just my 2 cents..



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                          Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE


                          As a side note for those talking about equipment access... There are plenty of companies out there who rent access to real-live equipment over the net.



                          Most target CCIE folks, so the pods may have way more equipment than you care about, but it's a great thing to have access to anyway!









                          Just to name a few there... But you can view the physical topology for any of them (most are cabled to the larger vendor's or Cisco 360's topology), and then connect and play however you feel like! And it's real live equipment! Especially with the switches, which Dynamips can't fully emulate!



                          Just expand your horizon of thinking a little!













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                            Hi Andrew,



                            you are humbly requested to solve the issue of file Attachment on CLN.



                            Files are QUEUED for no apparent reason.



                            This problem is growing too old now..



                            Thanks a lot..



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                              Hi all,



                              FYI - We are further researching into the attachment upload (QUEUD) situation.



                              Thank you for your patience.






                              Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                                B Haines

                                Hello Andrew,

                                Thanks for the opportunity to tell Cisco just what we would like to see in the future!


                                First, one of the previous posts referenced something that I think would make a great CiscoPress project. Binary and ACLs are an area that many people have trouble with on all levels of Cisco certification up to CCIE. I, for one, would love to see a CiscoPress release on the subject. It would be an A-Z ACL/Binary reference that begins with an introduction to binary and Access Control Lists an teaches at all levels. I would recruit various individuals for this project (perhaps from the CLN network as well as some of your existing experts). The logic here is that to understand binary and ACLs (to really understand them) we would-be Cisco hackers scour the internet looking for different explanations and examples in order to gain an understanding. With enough different explanations in your book it could be a one-stop source for understanding. Also, seeing some of the local names that we know and respect could help to sell the title.


                                I would recommend four individuals off of the top of my head. Scott Morris and Brian McGahan are a great team regarding the advanced stuff and some initial explanations. Conwyn is great with binary math and good at explaining it when he takes the time. And Gene (Eugene) Broda is a Cisco Network Academy Connection instructor that would be great at the novice/intermediate chapters. The idea would be to have multiple explanations from different people covering the same topics and thus different ways of looking at it.


                                The book would begin with an introduction and cover CCNA level binary math and ACLs then could transition into CCNP level binary/ACLs. There could also be examples of ACLs and Firewall/CBAC complete with code for all levels of certification/professional usage. For instance, examples of Voice/Security and Wireless setups. I think that the market is currently missing this sort of release and it could be designed for use for all levels of certification. For example, chapters 1-3 are listed in the CCNA blueprint in addition to the regular suggested reading and chapters 4-6 and 11 are CCNP. Chapters 13 and 14 are for CCIE.. You get the point. Also, I would suggest that some video be released with the book which will give an alternative means of study for the topic. Finally, the book should list examples of ACLs used for various non-security routing protocol examples. Basically, an industry best practices. OK.. That's enough about binary.. LoL



                                Next I would like to see the software used in the books available for study purposes. Examples are CallManager, CSA and ACS. I have mentioned this before but can not resist when a post like this arises. I have a huge post regarding this in the CCNA Security forum (actually two of them) so I won't harp on this for long.. You guys already know about it.. LoL I will say this.. It is not necessary to release fully functional software for this purpose. In fact, I would suggest limiting the functionality in a way as to make it unusable in a production network but perfect for study. The same goes for IOS releases. Perhaps Cisco could get with the Dynagen/Dynamips/GNS3 team and work out a couple of releases of IOS specifically designed to work with GNS3 and cover all CCNA/CCNP exam blueprint topics? Just a thought!



                                While looking at joint ventures another biggie comes to mind! NMAP!!! Fyodor just released his NMAP text and I must admit that it is a GREAT read full of awesome examples! While studying for CCNA and now security I often wonder why there is less referenced regarding NMAP in certain scenarios (and especially labs). I am certain that if someone from Cisco asked Fyodor if you guys could write labs (also a previous post) that utilized NMAP for an understanding of protocols etc. then he would most likely say 'heck yeah' because he is just cool like that! That is a very useful tool for understanding routing protocols and the underlying elements such as sliding window, ARP and in security MiM etc. And it probably wouldn't cost a thing but the little NMAP logo would add credence to any CiscoPress title (not that you need that but still)..


                                On the same note is the PacketTrap utility that Cisco, Microsoft and a ton of other guys use.. This is free software now and I would either link to it or obtain the right to give it away (FTP) to your aspiring certees.. Then use it in labs for your basic network diag stuff!



                                This about covers everything for the moment.. Don't want to develop carpel tunnel.. LoL But I will post more soon!

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                                  B Haines



                                  One more thing! I looked to the right after my post and noticed a reference to a possible Packet Tracer forum! This is a wonderful idea. I would suggest either offering Packet Tracer at a nominal cost (please remember that GNS3 is free) or giving it away with CLN membership! This will bring more traffic to the site. Also, if you go either route then please open a Packet Tracer forum and tutorial section! I will let others toy with this idea here and post a little more later! Really have to run now! LoL


                                  Later Guys!

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                                    B Haines

                                    OK.. I am back.. I just wanted to touch on one more topic that has been mentioned in pretty much every post thus far. Labs! Scott mentioned an invaluable service offered by InternetworkExperts and a few other guys.. The ability to access a remote lab for a fee. This is definitely useful (especially in the CCIE area where the equipment is very expensive). I think, judging by the overwhelming forum questions/responses on the subject of home labs in this and the many other forums that I frequent as well as the hits on Wendel Odom's blog on the subject that this is a method of study that many people prefer. I am one of those people. I honestly don't believe that there is a substitute for what can be achieved from a home lab. I personally gained a lot from the Cisco Network Academy Connection and CiscoPress material but have to admit that a ton of the comprehension came from playing around with my lab and working through the CiscoPress and other labs. That said, I would suggest labs by topic...


                                    For example, offer an EIGRP lab book and make x chapters available online for free (sample chapters). Do the same for OSPF and make an intro to routing protocols labs that utilizes RIPv2. Or combine these into one book that works into multi-area OSPF and route redistribution...


                                    Also, it would be nice to see more open support from Cisco in regard to purchasing a home lab.. There are many ways to go about this and the initial decision and implementation will be paramount in the success of such a project. That said, there are a few ways to go about this. One, Cisco can make lab recommendations (kind of like the Wendel blog) that states which equipment will support various certifications (example topologies) and offer labs that revolve around this.. If this method is chosen then perhaps a 'Premium" CLN account with access to the Labs, and specific IOS releases as well as other member only benefits like Packet Tracer could be an option... The key is to support the various ways of learning.. IE. Home Lab, Packet Tracer, GNS3/Dynagen/Dynamips, and of course continue to offer and expand the Network Academy Connection (More on this later)! This would be, in my opinion, the nominal means of offering lab support while benefiting CLN and Cisco! I have already touched on offering a couple of IOS versions specifically for GNS3.. These could be offered on the CLN Premium account! Please feel free to post any questions here or via PM/Email for more detail.


                                    Another option would be to design actual labs for sale. This could actually be done in addition to the above idea but there are more issues present in this case. If people afforded either option A) Buy used equipment that let's you do everything for less money or B) Buy new, expensive equipment that is designed around one specific certification (and these labs would most likely be costly then they would most likely go with option A! That is why I would suggest offering advice on the construction of a lab as opposed to offering actual lab equipment and then capitalize on the cost of membership as well as the CiscoPress material that will be offered that utilizes this exact equipment/IOS releases as examples.


                                    Option three would be to host your own remote lab sites but this is already being done and is mostly useful to the advanced certifications for reasons already referenced.


                                    I am curious to see what comes from these posts as well as other user responses on the subject.


                                    Academy Connection - Finally in regard to the Academy Connection.. Many colleges include the academy connection into their elective networking (lower division credits) material. I would continue to pursue this as it builds a good relationship between Cisco and the educational institutions while introducing students to the Cisco name. It also begins students on a certification track early in their career and encourages/increases 'deeper learning'. There are many avanues of pursuit in this regard as well and will await specific inquiries as opposed to writing a novel on a topic that you may be thoroughly aware of already.


                                    SYNOPSIS: I hope that thought is given to GNS3 support, NMAP lab inclusion, Increased lab support in general, software availability (CallManager, ACS, CSA et. al.).


                                    One more thought.. I am sure that Cisco comes across a ton of used equipment.. Perhaps that is another option.. Cisco could offer used equipment for lab use via eBay or directly from the site. (No production environment).. This is also just food for thought and I am too unfamiliar with this aspect of your business to offer recommendations.

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