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    The Suggestion Box

    Ann Marcus

      Got an idea on how to improve the Cisco Learning Network?  Share it with us!

      You know better than anyone else what you want from the Cisco Learning Network. We know you have made suggestions—for additions and improvements to site features, content, layouts, processes, and so forth— in a variety of locations around the site. We hope that having this dedicated Suggestion Box thread will make it easier for you to share your ideas with us and the Community, and make it easier for us to find your suggestions and act on them. We're here and we're listening.

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          Monique Finch

          Hi Cisco Learning Network,


          Here's my suggestion:  Find a way to keep the really helpful discussions easy to find.



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            A couple of ideas...

            1) add a chat feature so that study groups can be more uh... Live.

            2) add filtering abilities via language so that we can filter out posts that are in languages we can't read.

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              Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

              I would like to see the following-


              1). Reply to private message by replying to email

              2). Better mobile support and the ability to post with mobi

              3). Reply to thread by email (like Facebook)

              4). Twitter integration

              5). Facebook integration

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                Ann Marcus

                Very good suggestions.


                Monique: We have a new "Featured Content" capability....but we haven't started to fully exploit it yet. But very soon you should see certain discussions and documents popping up to the top. If you have suggestions on content you think is worthy of being featured, feel free to suggest that here too. Thanks!


                Paul #4 & #5 of yours: We are currently working on better integration with Facebook & Twitter...though not sure what "integration" will actually consist of.


                Thanks, y'all.


                Keep 'em comin'!



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                  I REALLY enjoy the TAC learning modules under "Learning Center".  I suggest more training be offered there. I bet so many people totally miss that gem of CLN.  The SIM interfaces could use some work though.  Maybe it's just my version of Java, but when I type in the interface, it's pretty jumbled.


                  On a positive note, the BGP modules are fantastic.

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                    whoa!    Where is that at?

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                      Ann Marcus



                      Some of these from the TAC are a bit old and I have had a great deal of difficulty tracking down the responsible folks in cases where the interfaces aren't working or are kludgy. In a number of cases, I have had to remove the learning module because the simulator was broken and I couldn't find any place internally that could help me find a solution.


                      I'll leave the ones in place that are still proving valuable to the community, but when they begin to break...I may just have to take them down.


                      We are always looking for new content internally and I'll post more updated content as soon as I can. Help in locating new assets that are worthy of posting on CLN is certainly appreciated.


                      Jared: Look in the Learning Center Technology Library...there are a bunch under Networking Fundamentals...and in various other sections in the Tech Library. :-)




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                        Hi Ann


                        Some of this has been suggested by Jared and Paul but good ideas are always worth repeating.


                        Social Network I believe is the next revolution where groups of people with a common objective co-operative.We recently saw the police in the UK using Twitter to communicate with the students protesting over the tutution fees and the students had used social networking to organise the original demonstration.


                        So I would like to see more group activities. To a certain degree we have this with the discussion posting but it is clumsy. On Facebook there is a private group facility when those people can chat collectively so I think we need something like that. Whether it be a CLN facility or we simply use Facebook we can debate amongst the CLN community.


                        I disagree about the language issue. I would like to see automatic translation so everybody can contribute. Technically this may not be possible but there should be a facility where a native speaker could translate of behalf of the original submitting person.


                        We have a problem with visitors. If something is something is reported as abuse then the CLN administrators should act immediated either suspending the person or monitoring so every time the person makes a posting it then it does not post until the administrator reads and accepts it. There will always be the mentally ill, the argry young man, or the **** trying to impress his friends but that does not mean we want them on CLN.


                        Sometimes we get requests for help with jobs. Is there any way we can produce a skills / location profile similar to linkedin so people could look on CLN for staff.


                        There appears to be many certification where there are no books only global knowledge courses. Without stealing work from GK is there any way CLN can list the specific knowledge required for a certification.


                        Back to group working we need some type of webex facility. Maybe a mixture of Utube and Facebook.


                        Finally you need to improve your testing. No excuses.


                        Regards Conwyn

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                          Hi Ann


                          And I suggest you add context to your banned word processing. You have replaced fo ol with four stars.


                          Regards Conwyn

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                            Yep.  Click on Learning Center.  Then have a look under Technology Library Resources, then click IP Routing.  You will find a whole bunch of stuff under there.

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                              Hi Ann.


                              Thanks for sharing what you can with us.  If you can come up with some updated stuff, that would be cool.  Although the basics, and in most cases, the intermediate and advanced topics don't change and are still tested on even up to and including the CCIE lab exam.

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                                Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

                                I think native language search and view will eventually come to all forms of social networking.  I want to not only be able to view facebook and twitter in my own language, but I want to be able to search as well.  So I think this will eventually become the de facto standard, but we're not there yet.


                                Regarding Facebook and Twitter integration.  With OAuth and the way that works, there are a lot of interesting uses.  I guess we should have a level set and talk about what Facebook and Twitter integration is and how we see it.  Personally, I'd like to be able to "like" something and it Post a "summary" and a bitly link to my choice of Facebook and/or Twitter.  I'd also like the ability to post and check a box to post a summary and bitly link to my Facebook and/or Twitter.  With some blogs, I am already seeing this.  It is very nice and can draw people from the respective social network to our content network (if you will).

                                • 13. Re: The Suggestion Box



                                  Your idea of a translator is way awesome.  Much better than filtering posts by language.  I wonder if there would be a way to add a translate link and run it via google translator, worldlingo or some other site that has a translator.

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                                    Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

                                    I've done some brief experimentation with this concept of a link for translation.  That is a good idea.  However, I'm not having a ton of success with Google Translate.  I did however learn that Chrome has a translation tool that can be installed by visiting the following url.




                                    I normally use Firefox and there are some Google Tranlation plugins for it as well. 


                                    I truly think Web 3.0 will be that everyone can use the same Internet in their own native tongue.  This includes posting, searching and viewing.  It is just a matter of time before this all happens in the background.

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