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About NIL

NIL Learning delivers leading-edge Cisco training to IT professionals and companies around the globe. Through field-proven experts — each both active engineer, content developer and instructor – NIL Learning enhances the standard learning curriculum with real-life experience and helps clients to maximize their training investment.

NIL Learning is part of NIL Ltd, a leading global IT solutions provider. Since 1992, NIL has been at the forefront of advanced contributors to strategic partner Cisco’s technologies, learning curriculum and value-added solutions deployed to clients around the globe. NIL is headquartered in Slovenia, with regional offices in Croatia, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Albania, the U.S., Turkey, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya and Botswana.

Owned by: Matt Saunders - Community Manager Matjaz Adrie: Certifications Community Mgr.

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Created: Apr 16, 2010


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About this Learning Partner Lounge

This Lounge provides a place  for this Cisco Authorized Learning Partner to promote its products and  services and interact with interested members of the Cisco Learning  Network community. When you enter and join this Lounge (group) you may  be presented with advertising as well as have access to key Learning  Partner experts, special programs, contests, discounts and other special  offers only available to members of this Lounge.

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Technical Tips

Ivan Pepelnjak, CCIE No. 1354


Conditional OSPF default route origination based on classless IP prefixes



Symptom: The early implementations of the Conditional OSPF default route origination feature expected a route-map which referred to an IP access-list. The IP access-list was allowed to match only classful prefixes (class-A, class-B or class-C networks).

Solution: A route-map used in the default-information originate route-map OSPF router configuration command can use an IP prefix list with the match ip address prefix-list name route map configuration command. The IP prefix-list can match classless IP prefixes.



Check out the whole tip and many more on NIL Communications Technologies Tips and Tricks (CT3)

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Jaroslav Rajic

Nil Instructor



  • Watch Nil's e-Learning Video.  This video discusses design of a solution for site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs) using IPsec to provide virtualization and strong security for data in transit over the untrusted transport network.


  • Read Nil's white paper: "Shaping the Future of Learning" continues to be a resource for many students interested in growing their expertise to the CCIE Voice level, including many who work for Cisco.(See attached PDF)


Don't forget to log-in to leave comments about this video in the comments area of this document below. Or feel free to start a discussion forum about this material in our Featured Learning Partner Discussions tab.

Our team

NIL employs:


  • over 70 data communications experts
  • 18 of them CCIE experts and
  • 34 CCSI instructors

NIL Classroom Training

Receive standard or custom advanced training from our experienced instructors at our training facility or on-site worldwide.


Check availabitlity of courses and course schedule

NIL Remote Labs

  • Practice on real live equipment
  • Online lab reservation
  • Enter the lab as many times you want (within the subscription period)
  • E-learning portal
  • Free Remote Lab demo
  • Low pricing - starting from 80€ per week



Check out NIL Remote Labs Products & Pricing

NIL E-Learning

Don't have time for classical classroom courses?


NIL E-Courses:


  • Theoretical part with built-in quizzes
  • Live Remote Labs
  • Take the exercises as many times you want (within the subscription period)
  • E-learning portal
  • Free E-Course or Remote Labs demo
  • Low pricing


Check out NIL E-Courses & Pricing



NIL Virtual Classroom:


  • Get online instructor-led training via WebEx


Contact us for more information



NIL E-Lessons:


Brief e-learning modules usually coupled with respective practical activities (remote labs) and quizzes.The e-lessons range from recorded virtual classroom presentations to narrated interactive on-line lessons. Prices start from 50€.


View NIL E-lessons & Pricing



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