• The Native VLAN and "switch trunk allowed vlan" command - Do you need to allow the native VLAN?

    If a Native VLAN is set to be a non-default # (lets say VLAN 150), and you want to only allow VLAN 10/15/20 over the trunk links, do you also need to include the NATIVE Vlan in your command "switchport trunk allowed v...
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  • Two Router and 1 Switch fail over

    Hi All!   we have two routers currently the 1st router is running. and now we have another router.   we want the once 1st router is down the second router will be active. how will be the port configurati...
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  • Routing issue on Catalyst Switches (cannot Ping PC) .. Help

    Hi all,   I cannot seem to ping  a pc from an Access layer switch on DL switch. However this PC can ping other both Access (200.7) and Dl (200.5) switches. What could I be doing wrong ?     PC ...
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  • Sample Lab with Internet Connection for Packet Tracer

    Hi All!   Basically i want to know how to Configure Router to connect to the ISP for example the Given Public IP from ISP is Then i want to Configure our Router as DHCP also then give 192.168.1....
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  • Five-day gap before retaking an exam; Taking exam on expiry day

    Hi all,   I would appreciate if you can help me understand the way that the retake waiting period works, please:   Candidates who fail an Associate, Professional, or Specialist exam must wait a period of f...
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  • EPN - Enterprise Private Network - Client Side

    Hi all,   Does anyone know how to explain this tech? How would it look on the client side? I did not find too many details, and so far I understood this is an ISP tech, nothing more than this.   If this...
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    Hi all,   im doing a boos sim.... Ive read up on this but I still don't see why creating IP prefix)list EIGRP--NETWORKS permit ge 30   my route is as per the routing table ...
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  • EIGRP giving "Not on common subnet" message when trying to do L3 / no switchport routing?

    I have two VLANs setup on an MLS with IP routing going and EIGRP enabled, noswitchport the interface pointed at the router, and added all subnets on the switch and remote router.   When I remove the PtP link of ...
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  • Studying to obtain CCNP RS

    I started studying CCNP Route two weeks ago, after new Certs announcement, If I pass Route and Switch exam before deadline I earn Cisco Specialist , I will need to take a new Concentration Exam, but if I pass TSHOOT, ...
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  • Migration Tool for the new CCNP exam

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  • Switch Exam Expiry and New Enterprise Core Q

    I currently have passed the switch exam.  It expires this November.  Under the old system if I pass the Route exam before November I will still lose my switch exam as I haven't passed the full set within 3 y...
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  • Difference between IOS version ED y MD

    Hi..   I would like to know what is the difference between the versions of Cisco IOS ED and MD   Based on that I should choose the version of IOS...     Thanks
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  • What happens to my CCNP after February 24, 2020?

    Hi guys, I think many of us have the same problem:   I have certified CCNP Routing and Switching in 2009. At this time there was no ROUTE (300-101), SWITCH (300-115) or TSHOOT (300-135) certifications.   ...
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  • 300-401-ENCOR Blueprint in plain text

    300-401-ENCOR 1 Architecture 1.1 Explain the different design principles used in an enterprise network 1.1.a Enterprise network design such as Tier 2, Tier 3, and Fabric Capacity planning 1.1.b High availability...
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  • Badges vs. Specialization

    Does anyone know if Cisco is using these terms interchangeably?  From the documentation I've seen so far, it seems so.   Still trying to digest all the craziness.
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  • Understanding the CCNP Enterprise changes in 2020, and additional Specialist Certifications? Input Appreciated!

    So I think earlier I misread the information regarding the changes, and wanted to clarify what happens as of Feb 24th 2020.   The CCNP "Routing and Switching" is basically renamed "Enterprise" in addition to giv...
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  • CCNP update annouced

    For those of you who didn't notice or look at the latest notification, here is the upshot for CCNP  
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  • Frame relay Traffic Shaping

    Hi all   Can anyone explain this to me? Why do I put the traffic shaping directly under the physical interface when the map is also applied to int, because when the map was created I applied the traffic shape to...
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  • IP routing on catalyst switches

    Hi all,   Was just wondering. What is the benefit turning on IP routing on catalyst switches. In my lab, form what I have investigated thus far, it makes absolutely no difference when attempting to route though...
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  • VTP ïn OFF mode

    Hello Guys.   I want to be clear on what happens when a switch that is operating in VTP Off mode gets an incoming Advertisement from one of its neighboring switches? i have heard some people saying the switch wi...
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