• Login Credentials Encryption

    Any suggestion or code to encrypt  login credentials in my Python Script using Napalm module.   Thanks!
    created by Don
  • as path prepend

    Hi,   set as-path prepend 100 100 100 100 100 set as-path prepend 100 100 Is there any difference in adding  2 times  or more than times Thanks
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  • Packet fragmentation math

    Hello all,   I'm watching NetworkBruh explaining fragmentation. It all sounds good. But is his math correct?   1.3.b IPv4 and IPv6 fragmentation - CCNP Route Exam 300-101 v2.0 - YouTube     At 1...
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  • route-map

    Hi,   Please help me to understand the below statements 1 and 2 ,       1) route-map test_OUT deny 10535       2 ) route-map test_IN deny 10 match ip address prefix-list def_rout...
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  • bgp question

    Hi,     R2#show ip bgp BGP table version is 2, local router ID is Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal,   r RIB-failure, S Stale Origin codes: ...
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  • hsrp

    Hi,   I have HSRP running switch is managed by the service provider, but when I traceroute it shows the interface IP instead of Virtual IP? is it normal  Thanks
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  • CCNP -- How long to take all three exams

    I'm looking for some information and can't seem to find it. My supervisor when he got his CCNP a few years ago was saying that he had a certain timeframe to complete all 4 exams. I haven't seen what the time frame is ...
    Chris Gibbons
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  • Etherchannel and allowed vlans list

    Hi Everyone, I'm focused on properly learning and configuring etherchannel and my question is concerning and etherchannel forming with different ALLOWED VLAN lists created on each switchport trunk interface connectin...
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  • BGP lab

    Hi     I decided to do a BGP lab using GNS3 and the INE website provided the topology I'm attaching below. I'm buffled. Is this even possible to do on GNS3. A switch seems to be missing in the middle of th...
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  • EtherChannel on Cisco CSR1000v routers

    Hi all;   Any ideas?   Thanks
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  • Introduction to VRFs - Part 1 (IPv4-Only VRFs)

    Table of Contents: Overview Initial Configuration Static Routing Verification Extra show Commands Overview   This document only serves to show the basic functionality and configuration of Single-Pro...
    Kevin Santillan
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  • Just passed Switch, What is the best study book for Route 300-101

    Hi All, I passed Switch 300-115 today, now moving on the Route 300-101, I hope to finish CCNP before Feb 2020. The test I took for Switch was typical Cisco, "Where did this come from?" "I've never seen that in the...
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  • Exam Topics for Route exam

    I need a ccnp route exam blueprint please
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  • There is this CCNP youtube channel that you can use

    Hello all,   If you are going for CCNP R&S now, I just happen to run into this Youtube channel that talks about each item from the CCNP exam topics. It's about to wrapping up on CCNP Route but all videos are...
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  • Switch Frame Flood - Flood limited to ports in same VLAN the frame was received on?

    In further reading of the TSHOOT OCG I got into the mac table / broadcast storm section on layer 2, and this is the first time I recall the flood decision being discussed as only flooding out the ports in the same VLA...
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  • CCNP route exam Issue

    Hi   I have recently taken the CCNP route (300-101) on the 20th of July 2018 and have encountered a very stressful experience. I had prepared for this test for months. When I had started the test, I could immedi...
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  • Access Port can communicate across Trunk link if on Native VLAN?

    If one side of a link is an Access Port, but matches the same Native VLAN for a Trunk configured with nonegotiate / dynamic auto, though it will not form a Trunk would that access port still theoretically still be abl...
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  • The "ip route-cache cef" command

    Hello all,   It's said routers have choices of CEF or fast switching or process switching. On c7200 router, when I issue "ip route-cache cef", it enables both fast switching and CEF. When I issue "no ip route-ca...
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  • Question

    Hi Guys,   which VLANs are allowed on a Trunk link by default? guys any one tell me the answer for the above question.       regards gowthamrajF  
    Gowthamraj F
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  • routing table help

    Hi,   Why only E2 route shows the  interface name also in the routing table ( GigabitEthernet0/1.100)   O E2          &nbs...
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