• absence of network traffic

    Hi CLN   from this link Ethernet Fundamentals     what is the meaning of "in the absence of network traffic" ??    in my opinion, (Auto nego) feature don`t using the normal network traff...
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    Hi all, Can anyone help on ospf area design, area there any guidelines to stick to over the wan? The plan is to create 3 areas, 5 sites per area, and the distance between each site ranges from 60 - 200 kilometres. ...
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  • OSPF AREAS and design based on distance between sites

    Hi,   Does anyone have a link for guidelines on areas in ospf.  Are there restrictions on the distance? I have area 1 with 5 sites in different locations, distance ranging from 60 to 200km apart from one ...
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  • CCNA Wireless Will Be Gone...    Now What??

    So now that all the specializations (ie Collaboration, Security) will be gone at the associate level how do we focus on specializing at a basic level?? In my case, I've been studying for the ROUTE exam but want to swi...
    Network Bruh
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  • How to connect 10Base-T cable with 100Base-T  cable ?

    Hi CLN   i am reading from this link now  Ethernet Fundamentals but i have a question here,   How to connect 10Base-T cable with 100Base-T  cable ?     clint sdavid
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  • Question

    Hi Guys,   which VLANs are allowed on a Trunk link by default? guys any one tell me the answer for the above question.       regards gowthamrajF  
    Gowthamraj F
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  • Not succeeded on SWITCH exam!

                 Folks! How are you doing ?                I am regret to inform you  that...
    Ismael da Silva Mariano
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  • CCNP Study group?

    Hello guys,   If you are going for CCNP R&S cert, would you be interested in joining a Facebook CCNP study group to keep each other motivated?
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  • Introduction to VRFs - Part 2 (Multiprotocol VRFs)

    Table of Contents:   Overview Configuration Verification IPv4-Only VRF to Multiprotocol VRF Configuration Migration   Overview   The first document in this series provided insight about the opera...
    Kevin Santillan
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  • IP SLA: threshold and timeout

    Hello all,   I'm on IP SLA threshold and timeout again.   In this Youtube video 32 Path Control Using IP SLA - YouTube, at 7'45", Jeremy said timeout is per ping or per frequency. threshold is the (IP SLA)...
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  • why Keepalive Message

    Hi CLN              if we connect F0/0 between on SW-1 with F0/0 on SW-2 ,  we will have a circuit now, if the Tx wire on SW-1 fails, F0/0 on SW-1 and ...
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  • Qs on IP SLA (esp. on its "history" variations)

    Hello friends,   First of all, I would say that this part of the topic related to history/enhance history etc is very poorly covered on the Internet.   I could find some info in "Cisco Router Configuration...
    Amil Akhundoff
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  • Reg Redistribution of IGP into BGP

    Hi ,   I need some help reg redistribution of IGP into BGP concept.   As IGP is unstable and any fluctuation in the IGP network would case the BGP   updates to be sent frequently to the BGP peers...
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  • Cisco Three Tier Model

    @Hello Everyone, I was having a refreshing session on Cisco 3 Tier model and got a doubt running in my mind. Core Layer: The Backbone layer and is a Reliable and Scalable layer. Reliable: Reliability th...
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  • media type is unknown

    Hi CLN     these are the versions i am using in GNS , but i have a question here ;-     what is the meaning of "media type is unknown" ? why he don`t realize it`s an Ethernet media type ? &...
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  • some problems with my teachers here on CLN

    Hi CLN   when i ask any question here on CLN, some people put a lots of videos and a lots of links and tell me to read it that`s good but let me tell you what is the result or the problem of that :-   1. ...
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  • BGP troubleshoot: RIB-failure

    Hello all,   I have something I haven't seen before: "r" for RIB-failure. How do I troubleshoot this?   Networks, and are similar networks as But somehow...
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  • Topology

    Hi CLN   can we call this topology "logical star topology" and "physical point-to-point topology" ?   clint sdavid
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  • ip nat translation timeout 28800

    hi engineers what will do if I implement this command in my router ?
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  • Topology-2

    Hi CLN can we say this topology is "physical star topology"  and "logical Bus topology" ?   edmond clint
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