• Reg Port numbers in VPC

    Hi,   Do we need to use the same port number on both the switches when creating a VPC in ACI ?.   Where do we give the VPC Domain ID and Peer link info  during VPC creation in ACI ?   Thanks, Y...
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  • Port Channel Member Policy in ACI

    Hi,   Could you please help me to understand the attributes of Port Channel Member Policy settings in ACI.   Priority and Transmit Rate.   To create a Port Channel Interface Policy Group, Is it manda...
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  • CCNP DC New certifications

    hello!, I think I know the answer but I would like if someone from Cisco could confirm it. I am currently working for my CCNP DC certification and I have already passed 300-165, 300-170 and 300-175 exams. According to...
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  • Reg Virtual Port Channel Protection Group in ACI

    Hi,   Would like to know the  difference between the pairing types available in Virtual Port Channel Sec Policy   1. Consecutive   2. Explicit   3. Reciprocal.   The VPC Channel Sec ...
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  • The Adventures of Layer One Larry (#1): I pinged what?

    Hello DC NP Peeps!  I can't wait until there's just one DC space, and then I won't have to duplicate posts!  Here's a link to my first DC Tshoot Challenge.  Please join us in the merriment !   The...
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  • Reg Line Module vs Fabric Module

    Hi,   In ACI  or a  Nexus Switch,  What does Line Module or Fabric Module mean ?.   Thanks, Yugandhar.
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  • Books for CCNP Datacenter?

    HI All, I know the exams are Changing come February next year but I would like to study and see if I can pass two of the exams before then which I believe would translate into the new core exam. Where do I find books ...
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  • Interest in a Tshoot challenge?

    Hello DC peeps--I wrote several troubleshoot challenges when I was studying for my CCNP in R/S and they were well-received and popular.  The DC community is a little bit smaller, so I'm asking if there's interest...
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  • Learning more about 100gig Optics.

    I am working w/ 100G Optics QSFP+'s where can i go to learn more about the different readings such as RX, Tx, Bias of Optics?
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  • Question regarding CCNP DC Migration

    Hi,   I recently passed the CCNA DC exam DCICN before Cisco announced the changes in the certification structure last June. My original plan is to take DCICT exam to complete the CCNA Cert and then move to CCNP ...
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  • Reg EPG

    Hi,   I am trying to understand the following in ACI   What does an Endpoint in a Fabric refer to ?   What is an EPG and the purpose of it ?.   When we assign a OOB IP to our Leaf or Spine Swi...
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  • modern datacenter design

    Hey guys, I don't exactly know how to ask that question. I've started learning datacenter design and I already heard a lot of things. Such as Unified Fabric, OTV, vPC, VDC, VXLAN, Spine/Leaf, ACI, MP-BGP, Fabric Path...
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  • Does Cisco help us within DC Networks training?

    Hi folks, I hope you're doing well, wondering why Cisco doesn't provide us facilities to play with Nexus 7k what shall I do to play with NX Cli, does cisco provide HOLs as VMware or qcow2s as Juniper for Nexus?  ...
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  • DCUCI 300-175 cleared on 1st attempt - my preparation log

    Just passed successfully the 300-175 exam (December 2017) and thought sharing my preparation experience may help someone. Sorry, didn’t have enough time to write it short. Should this post disappear for whatever...
    Yuri Slobodyanyuk
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  • Combining vPC and VXLAN

    Hi!   A few weeks ago I had problems when I tried to extend a VXLAN topology, and add vPC. I learned a few things along the way (especially backup routing SVI's), which I've added to this video. I hop this wil...
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  • CCNA:DC about to expire - extend expiry with DCUCI pass?

    Hi all,   I have to renew my CCNA:DC this year, and I thought it best to move forward with the CCNP:DC.   The question is, would the expiration of the CCNA:DC (a pre-req for CCNP:DC) be extended, if I simp...
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  • BGP between N7K and Fortigate not coming up

    Hi Everyone,   I'm trying to bring up a BGP peering between our N7K and Fortigate. I already did the following troubleshooting steps but no joy.   1. Duplex settings are good 2. Verified L3 is good (can p...
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  • To investigate high number of CRC errors observed on Netapp device ports connected through Fex 2000 on nexus 5000.

    Please tell me if these logs makes any sense for these two ports on which devices are connected. Logs : 2019 Jan  9 16:38:59 LHC-B1-INT-N5K2 %ETHPORT-5-IF_DOWN_LINK_FAILURE: Interface Ethernet184/1/1 i...
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  • Six More Nexus Tricks

    Here are six more tricks you can use on Nexus switches. Hope you like them!   Highlighting CLI Syntax Hex and Decimal Conversion Creating Snapshots Change Logging and Accounting Using Grep Using the BASH Sh...
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  • Nexus (NXOS) Tricks

    My wife and I put together a short video showing some tricks you can use on Nexus switches. Hopefully, these can save you some time  
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