• Certification Expiration Grace period

    My Cisco Certs expire in 2 weeks and I am studying as we speak. If for some chance I fail is there a grace period after the expiration since I can't retake the test for a few days?
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  • 200-255 and new exam

    Wow ! So a big announcement from Cisco regarding the new certification track. I currently have my CCNA R/S (did have CCNP R/S but managed to let it expire - DOH !). Anyway, I currently have my CCNA Wireless 200-355 ex...
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  • CCNA Wireless 200-355 certification requirement criteria

    I cleared the CCNA 200-355 exam, I have CCIE written in Datacenter on the basis of which my CCNA R&S got renewed and I also attempted the CCIE DC lab during the period. About a week back I gave the CCNA 200-355 ex...
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  • Ratiation Pattern

    Hi guys, I can't understand the radiation pattern from an antenna, i can't imagine the pattern in my mind correctly, can you help me with some documentation or video.
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  • Prime Infastructure version 3.2 - Site Maps

    Hey Gang,   What's the best file format to use when uploading building drawings, CAD, PDF, etc?  Is there a link that show's the "How To".....uploading files to Site Maps?   Thanks In Advance,,,,
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  • Passed CCNA Wireless (200-355) 1st attempt

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share that I passed the CCNA Wireless exam today on the first attempt with a  passing score of 892. I also wanted to shed some light on how I prepared for the exam and my experience...
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  • Future of Wireless

    Hi Gents,   Hope all are doing well.   This is just a quick consultation/guidance in regards with situation i am in. I have been asked to choose a specialist path by my company to progress in. The choices ...
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  • Hi All

    Just joined the group how is everyone
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  • CCNA Wireless

    Anyone knows if there is a virtual lab for wireless to achieve CCNA Wireless.   I used Packet Tracer for general CLI commands for R&S and it is pretty simple.   I would like to know if there is any leg...
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  • Which two characteristics I need to configure for roaming between Cisco 3850 switch? Mobility agent and Mobility Controller? or Mobility controller and Mobility anchor?

    Which two characteristics I need to configure for roaming between Cisco 3850 switch? Mobility agent and Mobility Controller? or Mobility controller and Mobility anchor? I don't find so much information about this dep...
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  • Chips, Symbols and Bits

    My understanding is that 1 Data Bit, when encoded using Barker 11,  is “spread” (encoded) into 11 digits, individually called Chips. And this group of 11 Chips is collectively referred to as a Symbol....
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  • LAB Guide for CCNA Wireless

    Hello, hope your all well,  is there anyone know where i can get CCNA wireless lab guide, and is there any lab simulation on the exam.
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  • 200-355 OCG error

    I think that there is a mistake in the OCG relating to the definitions of PoP & PoA:   Page 299 (Chapter 12) defines them as:   ■ Point of Presence (PoP)—The WLC that anchors a client’s IP ...
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  • New WLC 5840 - Prime Version

    Hey Team,   What version of Prime should I be running on a new WLC 5840?   thanks in advance.
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  • WLC - 5508 to 8540 Migration - Licenses

    Hey Gang,   I'm migrating from WLC 5508 to WLC 8540. I have over 1000 + WAP's. How does the transferring of the WAP licenses from WLC 5508 to 8540 work? Is there a link?   thanks in advance
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  • CCNA Wireless - Study notes Part 1 - The foundation of wireless

    Created By: Daniel Larsson Available for free at: Cisco Learning Network (CLN)   Note: I am sure I have missed out some things, grammar is not perfect, some facts might need to be re-verified by your help. Sinc...
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  • CCNA Wireless 200-355 OCG printing

    Is there any difference between the first and last printing (other than errata fixes)? I believe that I have the first printing (December 2015) of the first edition, prior to my exam in March 2016.
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  • CCNA Wireless Passed 918/860

    Hi Guys,   I am happy to announce that I passed my CCNA-W with 916/860. I used the stuff recommended by most guys from this forum   OCG- which is not the best. I read it 3 times front and back + notes. IM...
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  • Help with problem solving

    Hello. Immediately I would like to apologize for the question ... There is one wireless LAN controller (WLC) and several LAPs. How to do the following if this is possible? In order for the LAPs to receive all the s...
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  • Top application summary, help

    Good day,   Is possible know who user or IP is ussing some application?, for example in the picture of top applications I need to know what users are browsing on facebook. Is this possible?   I have WLC 55...
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