• Is the CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide sufficient sufficient to prepare for the exam?

    Hi All, I am currently expecting delivery of the CCNA Wireless 200-355 OCG by Hucaby on Wednesday. I would like to know if this guide is a good option or best to prepare for the 200-355 exam especially from candidates...
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  • AIR-AP2800-K9-ME-8-5-151-0.tar

    Hi Everyone.   can anyone give me link to donwload AIR-AP2800-K9-ME-8-5-151-0.tar please.
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  • Mac-Address Time-Range

    Hi all. Iv got a question that has been bugging me for a while.   Is there anyway you can put a time range on a particular Mac-Address within your Local-Area-Network on Cisco routers or switches.   Iv look...
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  • Certification Expiration Grace period

    My Cisco Certs expire in 2 weeks and I am studying as we speak. If for some chance I fail is there a grace period after the expiration since I can't retake the test for a few days?
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  • Passed CCNA Wireless (200-355) 1st attempt

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share that I passed the CCNA Wireless exam today on the first attempt with a  passing score of 892. I also wanted to shed some light on how I prepared for the exam and my experience...
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  • Anyone help me on this ?

    Hi All, I am not sure it is related to wireless or not but please if anyone can suggest any answer. when i am having calls through Skype over the wireless, my signal strengths showing red bars sometime, due to which...
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  • Wifi Coverage

    i need help to plan best WiFi coverage on floor plan  so need AP plotting roughly. can any one help me in this.
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  • Advice please

    HI Alll   I’m just after some advice please. I failed 200-355 yesterday 831/860 with the changes coming next year I’m not sure whether to bother resitting it. I have CCNA r/s and cyber ops and have p...
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  • Can CCNA Wireless labs be completed with Packet Tracer?

    Hello all,   If I want to study CCNA Wireless, can I do all hands-on with Packet Tracer? Or do I have to have some wireless Cisco gears?   TIA
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  • 200-255 and new exam

    Wow ! So a big announcement from Cisco regarding the new certification track. I currently have my CCNA R/S (did have CCNP R/S but managed to let it expire - DOH !). Anyway, I currently have my CCNA Wireless 200-355 ex...
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  • CCNA Wireless 200-355 certification requirement criteria

    I cleared the CCNA 200-355 exam, I have CCIE written in Datacenter on the basis of which my CCNA R&S got renewed and I also attempted the CCIE DC lab during the period. About a week back I gave the CCNA 200-355 ex...
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  • Ratiation Pattern

    Hi guys, I can't understand the radiation pattern from an antenna, i can't imagine the pattern in my mind correctly, can you help me with some documentation or video.
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  • Prime Infastructure version 3.2 - Site Maps

    Hey Gang,   What's the best file format to use when uploading building drawings, CAD, PDF, etc?  Is there a link that show's the "How To".....uploading files to Site Maps?   Thanks In Advance,,,,
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  • Future of Wireless

    Hi Gents,   Hope all are doing well.   This is just a quick consultation/guidance in regards with situation i am in. I have been asked to choose a specialist path by my company to progress in. The choices ...
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  • Hi All

    Just joined the group how is everyone
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  • CCNA Wireless

    Anyone knows if there is a virtual lab for wireless to achieve CCNA Wireless.   I used Packet Tracer for general CLI commands for R&S and it is pretty simple.   I would like to know if there is any leg...
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  • Which two characteristics I need to configure for roaming between Cisco 3850 switch? Mobility agent and Mobility Controller? or Mobility controller and Mobility anchor?

    Which two characteristics I need to configure for roaming between Cisco 3850 switch? Mobility agent and Mobility Controller? or Mobility controller and Mobility anchor? I don't find so much information about this dep...
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  • Chips, Symbols and Bits

    My understanding is that 1 Data Bit, when encoded using Barker 11,  is “spread” (encoded) into 11 digits, individually called Chips. And this group of 11 Chips is collectively referred to as a Symbol....
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  • LAB Guide for CCNA Wireless

    Hello, hope your all well,  is there anyone know where i can get CCNA wireless lab guide, and is there any lab simulation on the exam.
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  • 200-355 OCG error

    I think that there is a mistake in the OCG relating to the definitions of PoP & PoA:   Page 299 (Chapter 12) defines them as:   ■ Point of Presence (PoP)—The WLC that anchors a client’s IP ...
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