• practice tests

    I'm looking to finally pass the SPNGN 2 which I have failed 3 times in the past (2+ years ago). I always get caught off guard with the type of questions. Wondering if their is a good source for practice tests, not dum...
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  • Passed SPNGN2 :)

    Hello everyone, pleased to say that I have finally passed SPNGN2 after a few years of break from SP theme! Finally I'm a quadruple CCNA! Not as glamorous as a quad CCIE, but still OK.
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  • CCNA SP - Passed!

    As of thursday last week I have just managed to pass my 3rd CCNA in Service provider! Onwards to CCNP and upwards   Josh
  • CCNA renewal

    My CCNA is due to expire soon and I'm looking to take CCNA SP.   Does the first part of this - SPNGN1 renew my CCNA or is it only renewed upon completion of SPNGN2 as well?
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    Hi all. I have a query when going to perform contingency tests on HSRP. Let's say I have my main link and backup link; and I want to lower the main one to see if the backup responds, but that is not the main issue. ...
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  • SPNG2 WorkBook ALA.pdf

    my workbook lab for ccna sp- spng2
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  • I failed SPNGN1 - I feel so sad

    I did not ask any questions from the laboratory, all questions were theoretical, I prepared myself a lot to take this test, but it was not enough, I do not know if I will try again.
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  • Loading IOS in the EVE?

    Hi Guys,   Can someone help me how to load Cisco IOS, XRv or XEv in the EVE? Is EVE sufficient enough for practicing labs of CCNA level till the CCIE?   Thanks,
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  • MPLS Overview

    Multiprotocol Label Switching “MPLS” is a standard protocol with “RFC 3031”. Firstly, We will discuss together the meaning of the name … Multiprotocol  : Transport different payloa...
  • Planning to complete my CCNA SP certification

    Hi All,   I have just joined this group. I am working as a Senior Network Engineer with 8 yrs experience and already have a CCNP R&S certification.   I am planning to complete my CCNA SP certification ...
    Mondreti Chaitanya
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  • What is the difference between switch and multiplexer?

    Hello.   Below is the definition of a multiplexer taken from Wikipedia: a multiplexer (or mux) is a device that selects one of several analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input into a sin...
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  • IPv6 Rapid Deployment - Topic

    This is a topic for examen IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd) (RFC 5969) 6rd is a stateless tunneling mechanism which allows an Service Provider to rapidly deploy IPv6 in a lightweight and secure manner without requirin...
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  • Books for CCNA - SP

    Hello All   Can anybody please advice if there are any books / materials to refer for preparing this exam; I do understand that there are various books that covers most of the topics which form this exams but ju...
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  • Cert Renewal

    Hi,   I am planning to study for the CCNA SP and i am wondering if by taking this exam it would also renew my CCNA R:S and SEC?   Regards
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  • SPNGN01 Passed

    Yesterday I passed the first exam....yeeeeeeah!
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  • question about Network Address Translation (NAT) in a VRF

    I have a couple of questions about static NAT.   Firstly, what happens when you have 2 static NAT entries for the same private LAN IP in the same VRF? Reason that I ask is when I tried to configure a NAT entry ...
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  • there is a new update in the questions

    I have the last study guide, if you wish, write to me. Greetings.   regards,
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  • How to isolate two STP domains.

    Hi I have a really complex situation to resolve.   We have two switch blocks separated switch blocks connected to an IP core, using a common VLAN design eg, Voice = VLAN2, PC_DATA=VAN3, CCTV=VLAN4 etc These swi...
    Mike Gannon
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  • CCNA SP Exams - Info needed

    Hi Forum,   I was wondering if someone recently passed the CCNA SP Exams and maybe he can share with us his experience as training material, exams question (are they in-line with cisco exam topics?), etc.  ...
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  • IOS-XR in GNS3

    Hi All   has anyone been successful in getting the IOS-XR-demo version working with GNS3? i have it setup in virtual box and it runs, but i can't connect the ethernet cable in GNS3 and get it to ping any other d...
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