• CCNA Cloud for a BDM

    Hi   I m a cisco services BDM but would like to get certified in cloud certifications to explore my career in that field will CCNA cloud help or should i opt for a vendor neutral one Is previous technical ce...
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  • Passed CLDFND Today

    I took the official instructor led CLDFND course and it was great, but the marterial in the book does not line up with that of the exam...I saw about 1/4 of the exam that was outside the scope of the courseware and th...
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  • IP Static routes with "permanent" word in the syntax

    Hello ,   I've just read in the ICND! 100-105 book about the method with "permanent" ip static route .   My question is , as in packet tracer we can't do this exercise , do the route appears in the routing...
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  • ccna cloud review; e-learning review

    I Recently studied for ccna security and had access to e learning for both icnd1 and iins. Thought the labs were great. They were often way more in depth than what was actually tested.   i Just passed icnd2 tod...
    Andre Roberge
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  • CCNA cloud simulation lab

    is there a simulation lab for the ccna cloud exams?
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  • ICND1 100-105 Network Simulator Lite ?

    Hello guys ,   I've bought the CCENT?CCNA 100-105 and 200-105 books by Wendell Odom in order to study for the CCNA R&S examn . In the CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-105 book at the end of a PART , it always says to do...
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  • Differences in CCNA Cloud Training

    Hello, Please can someone tell me the difference between the Cisco recommended e-learning training for CCNA Cloud and the study guide book? I intend to take the CCNA Cloud certification exam but a bit confused as to ...
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  • What is the impact of this news on Cisco Cloud certification path ?

    Hi   There is news that Cisco will kill its Intercloud public cloud on March 31, 2017. will be there any impact on Cisco Cloud certification Path ?   BR
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  • Actuall status of 210-451 CLDFND exam

    Hi All,   I want to ask someone who pass 210-451 this year (2019). I read here something about third party qeuestions that are not really coverd in the exam materials. If this is true ? Are questions for the exam...
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  • Planning to take CCNA Cloud exams in 6 months

    I already bought the official cert guides for this topic, however, are these enough to pass these two exams? Any additional sources should I know about? I know about CBT Nuggets with Anthony Sequeira, but is it a good...
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  • GRE tunnel not working with Loopback interface

    Hello guys ,   I am trying to send over tunnel some networks useing EIGRP as a rounting protocol( and I use interfaces loopbacks as tunnel source and tunnel destinations learned by the r...
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  • NAT configuration in CSR Router

    Hi Folks,   I am using Cisco CSR 1000v in AWS,   Please help out to configure NAT in CSR, because of it has only one interface
    Mohamed Jawad
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  • VPN Configuration between 2 CSR

    Hi folks,   Please help me out to solve this vpn connectivity issue   Here am adding my configuration of both the routers   CSR 1   Current configuration : 4762 bytes ! ! Last configuration chan...
    Mohamed Jawad
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  • CLDFND 210-451 Study Resources

    Good Afternoon all. I am trying to locate a couple of suggested learning resources under the Study Material sections of the exam topic. Specifically the videos listed below. Anyone know where these resources are locat...
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  • CCNA Cloud - Passable without access to any real gear?

    Has anybody here completed this certification relying only on books/videos/whitepapers etc?  About how much of CLDADM can be done via dCloud?
    Steven Davidson
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  • Cloud CCNA VS Data Center CCNA

    I just wonder how much of this track will mirror the data center track? With open daylight listed in exam topics looks like SDN will feature heavy in this track.
    Keith Craycraft
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  • CCNP Exam Price Increase?

    Heard that cisco exam price going to be increased ?is it so?
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  • Introduction to Cisco CloudCenter Webinar Open Discussion Thread

    Please consider this the open discussion thread for today's Introduction to Cisco CloudCenter Webinar.   Presentation materials and recordings will be linked to from here: CloudCenter Training Videos. I will...
  • How to prepare for CCNA Cloud (resources list)?

    Hi All,   I would like to collect the resurces list to prepare for Cisco CCNA Cloud in one page.  Please list down the recommendations below.   Thanks
    Arvind Sharma
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  • 210-455 UCS Director

    Hi,   I was wondering if anyone can suggest ways of getting hands-on in UCS Director since a big part of this exam relates to this component. I found some labs in dCloud however I haven't used them yet so I'm no...
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