• Cannot capture packet on EVE using Wireshark

    Hi all, I can't capture packet on EVE. I get msg as show in attached image. Can anyone help me to resolve it. Thank in advance!
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  • Storing PMTU information

    HI all, I see in rfc1191: In general, the IP layer should associate each PMTU value that it has learned with a specific path. A path is identified by a source address, a destination address and an IP type-of-service...
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  • IOS XR / Leaking the routes between VRF and global RIB

    Hi all,   I've found an interesting feature at Cisco IOS XR platform that allows you to leak routes between global routing table and VRF. Actually it can be used for combination of MPLS VPN + Internet Acess via ...
  • Sharing any configuration example to understand ISIS (SingleTopology) no check adjacency-check

    Dear All,   I am studying ISIS (singleTopology) and I came across with two items " Disabling IPv6 Protocol-Support Consistency Check" and " Disabling IPv4 Subnet Consistency Checks"   So I need a briefly e...
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  • MVPN profile 10

    Hi all,   I'm trying to get MVPN profile 10 working with XRv, but the head-end does not seem inclined to send multicast packets into the tunnel. (There was no such problem with profile 8).   My configs: &n...
    Anton Alipov
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  • New Written Exam for CCIE SP V.0 (SPCOR 300-501)

    Guys,   Who can help me with a guide to start studying this new exam,, some links or books (student guide)   Thank   Luis V.
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  • CCIE SP lab experience

    Today i took my Very 1st CCIE Lab exam. and boy was i horrified. im not really sure what Cisco is looking for in Candidates, but definitely  they wont find in the way they do the testing.   Troubleshooting...
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  • CCIE SP Lab - new prerequisites

    So first off, I must apologies if I am posting this question in the wrong place. Navigating these sites can be a bit of a maze so if I've posted a generic cert question in a technical community forum - feel free to re...
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  • OSPF network type

    Hi all, Does 2 OSPF form a full adjacency if one has the connected interface's network type different from the other? I have a topology: (loopback ---- (f0/0)R2(loopback Config OSPF...
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  • Troubleshooting fabric errors due to faulty linecard on ASR9000

    Intro  In a troubleshooting case I did some time ago, extreme latency when going through one specific ASR9K router was reported. We discovered CRC errors received from the crossbar fabric. This post outlines the...
  • CE VLAN tag over Pseudowire

    Hi all, I lab VLAN based p2p EoMPLS Service but I face a problem. As I read and understand: Once CE sends a packet to AC, it encapsulates the packet with CE vlan tag. When the packet arrives PE, PW will switch it t...
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  • Classification via TCP flag

    Hi all, Has anyone ever heard Classification via TCP flags? Please give some ideas or documents. Thanks.
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  • cisco-question shaping/policing/wred

    Hello, there is a practise test ( few questions publicly accessible ) on cisco and I wonder on the correct answer why it is like that   why it can't be just policing in both directions, or shaping ( or WRED )...
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  • BFD config on interface and BGP for 1 router 2 ISP setup

    Hello, I have an ASR1001x connected to 2 ISP where one is failover only, how should BFD be configured on the interfaces and neighbor fall-over? For example   interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1 ip address
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  • Export .pcap file to ftp server

    Hi all, I lab on eve-ng. I see a CLI like that: R6#monitor capture CAP match any interface Gig1.46 both R6#monitor capture CAP start ....ping.... R6#monitor capture CAP stop R6#monitor capture CAP export ftp:/...
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  • Test wred

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest me how to test wred operations on Cisco device. I know how it work, but I find it difficult to test it. Thank you.
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  • IPv6 bgp neighbor

    Hi all, I have a topology: I want to form iBGP IPv6 Unicast neighbor between R2 (regular IOS) and XR1 (IOS XR) via their IPv4 loopback. R2 router bgp 100 neighbor remote-as 100 neighbor 19.19.19....
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  • VPLS - BGP vs LDP Signaling

    Hello Folks,   Do we have any advantage of using BGP over LDP as a VPLS signaling protocol ?   Thanks
    Crazy Xplorer
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  • VPLS and some variations

    In this file I am able to share VPLS, H-VPLS, BGP Signalling and LDP signalling. It was a pleasure to test and learn as well. I hope it works for someone.
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  • RIP metric in MPLS VPN

    Hi all, I am studying MPLS VPN with RIP, but there is a problem make me confused. XR2 learns loopback of R10 via RIP with metric 1 XR2 redistributes this network to BGP XR1 learns this network via...
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