• CCIE SEC Study Group 2019

    Hi Folks.   I noticed last group on slack was created almost 3 years ago and I am not sure how many members are active on that group. I have sent join request for old group but also created a new group where w...
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  • Is the Cisco WSA a dying breed?

    is cisco focusing shift to their FTD/FP code rather than developing the WSA anymore? I imagine there are still features in the WSA that are not in the FTD/FP code. Thoughts?
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  • CCIE Security written Exam Study Material (Books)

    Hi team, For couple of days now I am looking for particular book for the CCIE security written exam. Though,  as per the CISCO course content structure I ended up buying three books which is as follows:   ...
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  • CCIE Security Written Practice Tests

    HI Folks,   For those of you who passed the v5.0 written, did any of you use practice tests along with your study? If so, which ones?   In the past I've found these useful coupled with the chore of reading...
    M0ng00se - CCIE Security
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  • Which virtual lab can simulate exactly as CCIE R&S Lab

    Hi All,   I have done a lot of search on the google to find a most resembling virtual lab to that of real CCIE Lab exam. But couldn't find the right answer in google. GNS3 is a nice one but it doesn't seems to s...
    Amith Nayak
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  • CCIE Security Study Group Singapore

    I am from Singapore and I have already completed CCIE security written exam.  I have a Target for 3-4 months to take CCIE Lab exam, so thought of sending this open Invite to people who are in the same Boat of ach...
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  • CCIE Security Study Group

    Hi guys,   This is Irfan and I have been practicing for CCIE security from some time.   I would like to start a study group for CCIE Security, interested guys please message me.   Topics which will b...
    Irfan Ahamed
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  • CCIE Security Study - Slack Group

    Just using an idea from one of our CCIE: SP brethren lol. If you'd like to join the CCIE Security Slack group, PM me your email and I'll send an invite.
    Jon Major CCIE# 47884
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  • Firepower 2100 Images clarification/Usage

    Hi Experts,   I am new to FTD world, could you please explain why do we have multiple images on box.   Are all images necessary for FTD or some are optional ? Please explain the use of all below firmware/...
    Mohd Ali
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  • Diffie-Hellman operation - g and p aggrement

    Hello   According to Diffie-Hellman algorithm: The parties agree on two non-secret numbers, g (generator), and p (modulus) –g is small (e.g. 2), p is very large • Each party generates a random sec...
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  • Webex Teams Chat?

    Does a Webex Teams chat exist for this group? 
    AC McCoppin
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  • ZBFW HA entries are not replicating on pair router

    Hi guys , Im trying to configure Redundancy between two routers R1 and R2 with Zone based firewall. everything is working fine on R1 even i can see the  following session entries in state table any help will be...
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  • CCNP Security Recertification vs. CCIE Security Lab v6

    Hello all,   I hope everybody's CCIE Security studies are progressing.   I have a few questions for the CLN team - perhaps rivilla can answer it.   I hold a CCNP Security, currently due to expire in ...
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  • Re-certification after old one expried

    Hi everyone,   I have given cisco CCNA & CCNP routing exam long back which are expired.   Now i am planning to go for CCIE Security soon. I checked on pearson vue and my profile there is still active. ...
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  • CCIE Security V5- Written

    Hi I'm studying and I'm looking to connect with other's whom are liked minded. Please add me if you have a certain space or schedule to work with in order to study. I'm currently using the blueprint, INE videos, Kathe...
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  • Looking for a study group/partner for the CCIE Security LAB Exam

    Hello All,   I am looking to start/join a study group for the CCIE Security LAB exam . I already started practicing several topics of the exam as i will take it very soon so . if someone want to join me as a s...
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  • Anyone studying for CCIE Security recert or written?

    Hey Folks,   Anyone else studying for their CCIE Sec re-cert or have recently passed their written? Looking to connect.   Thanks   M-
    M0ng00se - CCIE Security
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  • If i take the current CCIE theory, can i directly give the new lab?

    If i take the current CCIE theory, can i directly give the new lab?   There is just so much random information regarding the exams at the moment, so any help would be appreciated so that I may plan my next 6 mon...
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  • Putty disappear !

    Dear friends ! Greeting   recently faced with an issue that in our remote sites ASA firewall 5505 when i enter the local username and password  via putty the putty disappear in some of my remote site it ha...
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  • V5 Written exam

    Hi ,   i am new to CCIE preparation , what is good plan & materials ?   thanks.
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