• DC 2.1 Lab Exam

    Hi guys,   Has anyone recently attended the DC2.1 lab exam?   Thanks, Wiliams CCIE 19002
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  • Nexus 1000v - vSphere 5/6.x

    Hello Folks,   Though it is out of context in today's virtualization world.   I would like to experiment few scenarios. I would appreciate if someone direct me a last supported vCenter version compatible w...
    Crazy Xplorer
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  • Cisco Fabricpath EOL / EOS Nexus 7000

    Hello All,     I want to confirm about Cisco Fabricpath EOL / EOS announcement. Anyone has valid reference for Cisco Nexus7000.   Thanks in advance   WAHEED
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  • Error in Nexus 9K : port not compatible:[Members in multiple FEX]

    Hi Experts,   I am trying to configure the Port-channel with each members in 2 different FEX 117 & 118 , But I am getting below error while adding the 2 interface to port-channel , Can you please check and ...
    chethan Karkera
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  • Booking the lab after October

    I am trying to book the CCIE Lab and it is marked in red after October 18th but according to Cisco website is possible to do the lab until Feb 2020. Can anybody clarify this?.   Thanks.
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  • L3OUT Border leaf internal routes

    with reference to BRKACI-3101, there are 3 requirements to advertise Internal Routes out an L3OUT   1. The BD must be associated with the L3OUT The association adds prefix entry to route map controlling adverti...
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  • VXLAN BGP EVPN border leaf external connectivity issue.

    Hi All ,   im currently having issues exporting my VXLAN segment subnets to my wan edge router -i have tried to configure a route-map to permit my routes out and also configured a loopback interface and put it ...
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  • SVI suspended - non VPC config

    I think I exhausted all possibilities where the fault may resides. Please note this is non vpc - vpc feature is not on. Tried bouncing the interface with no luck. What else could be the issue anybody?   N5K1(con...
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  • VXLAN with BGP EVPN problem on L2VNI

    Hey.   So I introduced BGP/EVPN to my CLOS topology and trying to have L2VNI communication between hosts on different leafs(Leaf 102 <> Leaf103)   TO ENLARGE PIC go here: https://ibb.co/kMoW9K &nb...
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  • VXLAN OTV integration on the v2.1 Lab Exam.... wha?

    Hello CLN Peeps!  And a Happy Hump Day to all.... I'm not sure if anyone has an answer to this, but I'm wondering what the chances are that VXLAN OTV One-Box integration will be on the lab exam now that integrati...
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  • Nexus Switching and FEX

    Hello Folks,   To my limited understanding FEX can be correlated to a remote line card.   When you connect a parent switch to the FEX , wire/fiber cable that connects can be correlated to a back plane in t...
    Crazy Xplorer
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  • CCIE-DC Study Group

    Is anyone around Kansas City preparing for CCIE-DC V2.1 and willing to join me in same?
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  • CCIE DC Written practice

    What are the legitimate ways that we can use to practice for CCIE DC written. After all the studying is done, there must be some kind of practice mechanism available to validate our preparedness
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  • Peer KAL via Mgmt0 between 2 VDC's on the same chassis

    Hi,   Please help me with a brief explanation:   1.  On Nexus 7K, I am planning to form vPC.  Can I create vPC peer keep-Alive link between two different VDC's (let's say VDC 2 to VDC 4) via Mgmt...
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  • CCIE DC study group

    Hi~, I'm a beginner to study CCIE data center and want to someone who can invite me to a study group. My Telegram:+86 15060126687. Thanks foe your kindness.
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  • vPC Split Brain Failure Scenario

    Hello All,   Need one more help on the vPC split brain failure scenarios. I have below doubts on this:   a. If we are using 7K-5K-Server design with 5Ks running vPC with servers and layer3 boundary at 7K. ...
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  • B-series to FEX/Leafs connectivity best practices

    Do you guys have any best practices on B-series to FEX/Leafs connectivity?
    Derrick Thio
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  • Nexus 7K bridge-domains with VXLAN

    Hello all   Has anybody had any success configuring bridge-domains on Nexus 7Ks? It seems it only pertains to VXLAN but there is very little documentation on how to get this working in BD-Oriented mode. I am j...
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  • Connect L3 device to VxLAN vPC peers

    Hello Friends!   Please help me to understand how in the right way configure L3 connectivity(routing adjacencies) between pair of VxLAN VPC Leafs and some L3 device(router/Firewall etc.)   At this moment I...
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  • Nexus Interview Question

    Got this question a couple of days ago. I'm curious as to how would you guys respond.   The site had a power outage. When the core (N7K with modules and VDCs) came up, it couldn't detect the modules and all link...
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