• Rack Rental options for Data Center Track

    Hello Guys:   It’s been I while since the last time I posted a question here. I have decided to start my journey on CISCO’s Data Center Track. Since it is imperative to have hands on experience befor...
    Martin Villanueva
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  • QoS for CCIE Data Center

    Hi All,   i'm still preparing the 2.1 Written Exam completing the missing short sections of the blueprint and i'm confused regarding the QoS (section 1.7): which level of QoS is required for the written exam? So...
  • Help!! vPC not working.

    Good afternoon,   I can not flip my vpc traffic when reloading my primary vpc switch. Here is the config: LAB:   NXOS1 config:   NXOS1# sh run vpc   !Command: show running-config vpc !Time:...
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  • CCIE-DC Study Group

    Is anyone around Kansas City preparing for CCIE-DC V2.1 and willing to join me in same?
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  • The Adventures of Layer One Larry (#1):  I pinged what?

    The Adventures of Layer One Larry (#1): I pinged what?  by Micheline Murphy   It’s that time of year again, summer vacation.  You wisely chose to go somewhere with spotty Internet coverage... ...
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  • Is it worth to do CCIE DC?

    Hello Friends,   Is it worth to do CCIE DC ?   I feel that DC track contains today's few hot technologies like BGP EVPN, vxlan and ACI and rest nexus VPC, fabric path omitted by Cisco, OTV is going to outd...
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    Hi ,   when trying to create ISCSI booting on my service profile template , for some reason my iscsi initiator name remains to default even though I have selected a IQN pool within the boot statement in the serv...
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  • Interest in a DC Tshoot Challenge... any takers?

    Hello DC peeps--I wrote several troubleshoot challenges when I was studying for my CCNP in R/S and they were well-received and popular.  The DC community is a little bit smaller, so I'm asking if there's interest...
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  • CCIE DC UK/Scotland/Glasgow - Study group

    Hey guys. I am a Senior Network Engineer who has stepped into the realm of Data Center with my new primary account. I figured I will take this opportunity to learn as much as possible in my role and also go for the DC...
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  • Scheduling the lab exam

    Has anyone tried to schedule the DC lab?  I have looking at the Richardson site and open slots are few and far between.   I was able to get my lab scheduled last night because I was checking every 15 minute...
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  • Error in Nexus 9K : port not compatible:[Members in multiple FEX]

    Hi Experts,   I am trying to configure the Port-channel with each members in 2 different FEX 117 & 118 , But I am getting below error while adding the 2 interface to port-channel , Can you please check and ...
    chethan Karkera
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  • Nexus 1000v - vSphere 5/6.x

    Hello Folks,   Though it is out of context in today's virtualization world.   I would like to experiment few scenarios. I would appreciate if someone direct me a last supported vCenter version compatible w...
    Crazy Xplorer
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  • DC 2.1 Lab Exam

    Hi guys,   Has anyone recently attended the DC2.1 lab exam?   Thanks, Wiliams CCIE 19002
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  • Cisco Fabricpath EOL / EOS Nexus 7000

    Hello All,     I want to confirm about Cisco Fabricpath EOL / EOS announcement. Anyone has valid reference for Cisco Nexus7000.   Thanks in advance   WAHEED
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  • Booking the lab after October

    I am trying to book the CCIE Lab and it is marked in red after October 18th but according to Cisco website is possible to do the lab until Feb 2020. Can anybody clarify this?.   Thanks.
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  • L3OUT Border leaf internal routes

    with reference to BRKACI-3101, there are 3 requirements to advertise Internal Routes out an L3OUT   1. The BD must be associated with the L3OUT The association adds prefix entry to route map controlling adverti...
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  • VXLAN BGP EVPN border leaf external connectivity issue.

    Hi All ,   im currently having issues exporting my VXLAN segment subnets to my wan edge router -i have tried to configure a route-map to permit my routes out and also configured a loopback interface and put it ...
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  • SVI suspended - non VPC config

    I think I exhausted all possibilities where the fault may resides. Please note this is non vpc - vpc feature is not on. Tried bouncing the interface with no luck. What else could be the issue anybody?   N5K1(con...
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  • VXLAN with BGP EVPN problem on L2VNI

    Hey.   So I introduced BGP/EVPN to my CLOS topology and trying to have L2VNI communication between hosts on different leafs(Leaf 102 <> Leaf103)   TO ENLARGE PIC go here: https://ibb.co/kMoW9K &nb...
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  • VXLAN OTV integration on the v2.1 Lab Exam.... wha?

    Hello CLN Peeps!  And a Happy Hump Day to all.... I'm not sure if anyone has an answer to this, but I'm wondering what the chances are that VXLAN OTV One-Box integration will be on the lab exam now that integrati...
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