• CCDP cert query

    Hi,   Just wondering if someone can help. I've noticed that Cisco is updating their cert program beginning 24th Feb 2020.   Recently I passed the ARCH exam to recertify my CCNP R&S status for another 3...
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  • EIGRP Summary question

    HI guys, I have a simple question. I mean, when an EIGRP process has been created, it has been auto summarized already. However, you can use command no-auto summa to shut this feature down,and use summary command to ...
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  • My Experience with the ARCH v3.0 300-320 exam - Stay away it's bad! Anyone else feel the same?

    Hi,   First let me apologize for the rather confusing discussion topic. What i mean is that I just had the unpleasant experience of taking the new CCDP ARCH (300-320) V3.0 exam. Secondly, I am always trying to ...
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  • CCDP - resources

    Hi,   Can I confirm that this is the official book for CCDP exam? Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide, Fourth Edition   Seeing some comments in this forum do...
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  • Has anybody taken the CCDP exam in the last few days/weeks and how was the experience?

    I'd like to know how was the experience as I've heard a lot of comments about this exam like there are questions/topics that are not on the blueprint.
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  • eval OSPF Over DMVPN Design idea

    Hi folks, I hope you're doing well so I am thinking of Design a OSPF over DMVPN consider simply with me a HUB with a single interface to the  Cloud configured   ip ospf network type point-to-multipoint and...
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  • take a free CCDP/ARCH exam

    simply register and attend any cisco live event   then log into your pearsonvue account. select the date and time for Cisco live. then you get a free no cost exam   barcelona and the end of jan/19 san di...
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  • Recert CCNP R&S

    Hi Community,   I have CCNP R&S (Route 300-101, Switch 300-115 and TShoot 300-135), my question it's about the ARCH exam, if I pass this  ARCH 300-320 exam my CCNP R&S will be recertified??? Please ...
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  • Recertification for old CCNP and let me be a CCDP

    Greetings Gents,   3 years ago I passed my CCNP R&S exams and became a CCNP certified. The certificate is about to get expired soon and I was planning for rectification, so I was thinking of taking the advan...
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  • Studying Materials for ARCH

    Hi,   I have earned my CCNP R&S certificate 3 years ago and its time to re-certify. I came across the fact that CCDP covers 2 exams for ROUTE and SWITCH exams are shared with CCDP. So, Im left with ARCH Exam...
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  • 3 Tier Network design is waste of network port?

    Hi, I am digging into 3Tier network design. I can understand the requirement of Access and Distribution layer but Core Layer is fitting in the place and looking as it is a waste of ports and increasing my BOQ (TCOO) ...
    Deepak Kumar
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  • Principles of Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

    One of the main innovations in application centric infrastructure (ACI) is the introduction of a highly abstracted interface to express the connectivity of application components along with high-level policies govern...
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  • how to filter inbound OSPF traffic

    The most basic filter is the inbound distribute-list. The outbound distribute-list is exclusively used to filter OSPF routes in route redistribution between OSPF and a different routing protocol or OSPF process. The...
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  • CCDP Exam

    Hi Team,   I have question regarding exam.   I am CCNP Routing and Switching Certified in 2010 when there were four papers   642-901 BSCI 642-812 BCMSN 642-825 ISCW 642-845 ONT   In 2010 by...
    Rajhans Shere
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  • 300-320 ARCH course outline

    I have registered for this course three times now over 6 months each time it gets cancelled as too few people have signed up for it. That is onsite or virtual   Course Outline 1 - Enterprise Connectivity and Hig...
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  • port oversubscribe rate on enterprise data center

    Hi all, What will be an ideal port subscription rate in mid size enterprise network with 3 tier design on access layer, distribution layer and server farm? I can understand that this value is changeable on network to...
    Deepak Kumar
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  • Cisco Platinum learning library

    Go here to see if it can help you learn better/faster   https://digital-learning.cisco.com/   my CCO account enabled me to use it   as your cisco SE for details
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  • The Control Plane and the Data Plane

    When you're designing, you will need to know what the control and data planes are, and how they're different.I hope this clears things up a bit: https://youtu.be/P9ZMugAf9lU   I hope that others can share some ...
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  • Open Discussion for Practical Network Design Fundamentals Session 1 - Design Methodologies and Approaches

    Hello Everyone!   The first session of our 4-part Practical Network Design Fundamentals - CCDP Webinar series with André Laurent and Marwan Al-shawi is coming up April 7th and it is absolutely FREE! If you ...
  • BGP Multisite Design

    I've been thinking about BGP design lately, especially around iBGP, and I would like to get your thoughts. I'm having trouble articulating the design problem here, so please bear with me.   Imagine that we have...
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