• My Experience with the ARCH v3.0 300-320 exam - Stay away it's bad! Anyone else feel the same?

    Hi,   First let me apologize for the rather confusing discussion topic. What i mean is that I just had the unpleasant experience of taking the new CCDP ARCH (300-320) V3.0 exam. Secondly, I am always trying to ...
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  • Pearson VUE problems - 300-320 ARCH EXAM

    Hi Community, on 18th october I failed 300-320 ARCH exam. I scored 848 point (860 is required to pass). I reschedule the exam to 30th october (yesterday). I arrived to the Pearson Vue Test center on time ans then i r...
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  • DMVPN - Multicast restriction - Concept

    Hello good people!   Could somebody please throw some light over why Multicast is not possible between spokes?   Thank you and best regards,   Ron
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  • RR x Confederations

    Hi Network Designers and candidates, like me :-)   What is the best (recommended) option to resolve iBGP full-mesh without increasing peers? Route Reflectors or Confederatios?   Thank you!   Best, &n...
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  • I want to know about CCDA?

    Can anyone tell me about this?
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  • 300-115 exam simulator exam issue

    I was disappointed failed 300-115 exam to recertify all my professional certificates. The simulation exam was completely false in the sense that instruction specifically said do not delete or add native vlan. I config...
  • ARP and CAM tables

    Hello folks!   Been a while but I'm back at it! ... again!   Found this paragraph in the ARCH FLG that confuses me a bit:   "If you must implement a topology in which VLANs must span more than one ac...
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  • CCDA or CCDP ?

    I currently have my CCNP and been studying for design. I wanted to know if at this time I can take the CCDP without the CCDA ?
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  • Recert CCNP R&S

    Hi Community,   I have CCNP R&S (Route 300-101, Switch 300-115 and TShoot 300-135), my question it's about the ARCH exam, if I pass this  ARCH 300-320 exam my CCNP R&S will be recertified??? Please ...
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  • Recommend me some CCDP resources

    Hello Everyone,     Recently I was looking into Cisco OCG reviews and I saw some people indicating there is a lot of mistakes in the book, so for anyone passed CCDP or CCDE, please recommend me some resourc...
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  • CCDP cert query

    Hi,   Just wondering if someone can help. I've noticed that Cisco is updating their cert program beginning 24th Feb 2020.   Recently I passed the ARCH exam to recertify my CCNP R&S status for another 3...
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  • Which Design Material Do you Like

    I am looking for a Design Book. I have been a CCNP for a few years and my employer has suggested that I start learning more about designing-architecture. I am very inspired and would like to know, Which Network Design...
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  • EIGRP Summary question

    HI guys, I have a simple question. I mean, when an EIGRP process has been created, it has been auto summarized already. However, you can use command no-auto summa to shut this feature down,and use summary command to ...
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  • CCDP - resources

    Hi,   Can I confirm that this is the official book for CCDP exam? Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide, Fourth Edition   Seeing some comments in this forum do...
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  • Has anybody taken the CCDP exam in the last few days/weeks and how was the experience?

    I'd like to know how was the experience as I've heard a lot of comments about this exam like there are questions/topics that are not on the blueprint.
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  • eval OSPF Over DMVPN Design idea

    Hi folks, I hope you're doing well so I am thinking of Design a OSPF over DMVPN consider simply with me a HUB with a single interface to the  Cloud configured   ip ospf network type point-to-multipoint and...
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  • take a free CCDP/ARCH exam

    simply register and attend any cisco live event   then log into your pearsonvue account. select the date and time for Cisco live. then you get a free no cost exam   barcelona and the end of jan/19 san di...
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  • Recertification for old CCNP and let me be a CCDP

    Greetings Gents,   3 years ago I passed my CCNP R&S exams and became a CCNP certified. The certificate is about to get expired soon and I was planning for rectification, so I was thinking of taking the advan...
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  • Studying Materials for ARCH

    Hi,   I have earned my CCNP R&S certificate 3 years ago and its time to re-certify. I came across the fact that CCDP covers 2 exams for ROUTE and SWITCH exams are shared with CCDP. So, Im left with ARCH Exam...
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  • 3 Tier Network design is waste of network port?

    Hi, I am digging into 3Tier network design. I can understand the requirement of Access and Distribution layer but Core Layer is fitting in the place and looking as it is a waste of ports and increasing my BOQ (TCOO) ...
    Deepak Kumar
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