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dweaver2009 dweaver2009 Passed the CCDE Written - Scheduled the Practial - Anyone else? 260 14 1 week ago by frank
Elaine Lopes Elaine Lopes Cisco Live US: CCDE and CCAr training sessions 285 5 1 week ago by Ramesh Bijor
Elaine Lopes Elaine Lopes CCDE Techtorial at CLUS 2013 1,957 2 1 week ago by Ahmad Manzoor
Elaine Lopes Elaine Lopes Cisco Validated Design Program 462 2 1 week ago by dweaver2009
Duc Vu Duc Vu redundancy design for LAN switch network 109 2 3 weeks ago by Michael Boscia
Duc Vu Duc Vu re-design switch stacks 314 2 3 weeks ago by Duc Vu
Himawan Nugroho Himawan Nugroho CCDE Experience - free webex session 846 6 1 month ago by yung
o_muhammad_o o_muhammad_o Is this a good/best practice design, what do u think? 1,276 6 3 months ago by Bob Watson
Ahmad Manzoor Ahmad Manzoor Looking for study Partner 1,227 7 6 months ago by Haitao
Elaine Lopes Elaine Lopes CCDE and CCAr get together at Cisco Live Orlando 1,270 6 10 months ago by Rolf
Syed Murad Ali Syed Murad Ali Desinging Help Required 983 8 11 months ago by prakash
Terry Slattery Terry Slattery Optimal Routing Design Book 1,347 8 11 months ago by Terry Slattery
Ahmed Bux Abro Ahmed Bux Abro Community Session:Crossing the CCDE border 1,500 10 12 months ago by Alan Chua
Mohamed AboSree Mohamed AboSree CCDE Study Partner - Next Quarter Schedule 2,213 29 1 year ago by Terry Slattery
Natraj Babaria Natraj Babaria Study partner 8,968 98 1 year ago by Amar Kalvikatte - CCIE #35997 Security
Lauren Child Lauren Child CCDE session at Cisco Live London 2013 963 0 1 year ago by Lauren Child
Brett Lovins, Community Manager Brett Lovins, Community Manager Now Available On Demand: The Essentials of CCDE® webinar 1,177 0 1 year ago by Brett Lovins, Community Manager
s.n s.n Practical exam booking 2,158 2 1 year ago by Akhtar
Hoang Manh Duc Hoang Manh Duc Taking the CCDE lab 1,204 0 2 years ago by Hoang Manh Duc
Oluwole Oluwole CCDE Practical Exam dates 1,190 0 2 years ago by Oluwole
Marcello Ishida Marcello Ishida Start from scratch 2,297 3 2 years ago by Lauren Child
Kota Kota what is the role of root bridge in spanning tree 6,234 3 2 years ago by Paul Stewart - CCIE Security, CCSI
Natraj Babaria Natraj Babaria Need Guidence 1,902 5 2 years ago by Russ White
Vl@d Vl@d Does the exam really takes costs into consideration? 1,809 1 2 years ago by nitinmathur
ArjunMishra ArjunMishra Need Help 2,796 2 3 years ago by Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCI...
erki erki How do we start? 6,499 15 3 years ago by erki
jaymos jaymos Looking for a good Training company 5,438 5 3 years ago by Brandon Carroll - CCIE (Security)
Abu Hadee Abu Hadee CCDE Written 4,656 4 3 years ago by Mark Pugh
jaymos jaymos Flex Links 3,568 1 3 years ago by Steve