• VPLS fundamentals

    This week, I want to share some of my notes of VPLS. It's your turn...   What is VPLS ?  Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is an MPLS L2 VPN technology that emulates a single LAN segment shared between cu...
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  • Written passed

    I'm so happy that i passed the written exam   It's time to prepare for my Lab, feeling excited!
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  • Written Exam Matrix

    I brought this up over a year ago and then had to put this all aside to deal with other things in life, but it still appears that many of the links in the written exam matrix, in particular many of the Cisco Live sess...
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  • CCDE practical exam dates after Oct 2019

    Hi guys,   Quick question, I'd like to schedule a CCDE practical exam but I'm not gonna make it on 15th of Oct  2019 due to some traveling reasons.   Could you guys give me some hints when can I expec...
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  • CCDE changing or going away?

    I see it has been announced that there will be a lot of changes to the certification tracks... but it doesn't seem clear what is happening to the design track. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-c...
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  • Inter-AS Option A

      One of the most useful and popular application of MPLS technology is MPLS L3 VPN service. The architecture defines a VPN peer model in which customers send their routes to the SP in order to transport them to ...
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  • CCDE study group - October 2019

    Hi all,   There are 166 days left until the next CCDE practical exam. I've created an open discussion forum you may get into to discuss anything related to network design.   The objective is to discuss abo...
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  • CCDE written exam validity

    Hello,   Does anyone know if the written exam validity has changed? Now it is 18 months, but I heard that it will be changed after Feb. 2020. Also for the existing candidates with written passed, the expiratio...
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  • New CCDE Study Group - written/practical preparation

    Hi folks,   Together with a friend who recently passed CCIE  SPv4, we decided to pursue CCDE. That said, a new Slack group has been formed. Currently, there are two members only, both are dual CCIE in Routi...
    Marcin Kurek
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  • Cisco Certifications Evolution

    Hi, I wanted to summarize the changes which will be in effect after February 24, 2020 to the Cisco Certification programs:   . All CCNA certification programs will be consolidated into a single CCNA. . CCNA wi...
    Elaine Lopes
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  • Inter-AS Option C

    Inter-AS Option C is the third option for interconnecting multi-AS backbones covered in RFC 4364. It’s the most scalable option of the three so far and it has its own applicability scenarios that we must be awar...
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  • Congestion management: Queuing

    Queuing or congestion management is a mechanism that allows to control and manage congestion on a given resource. In the case of network devices, queuing helps to manage the temporary excess of load offered to a given...
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  • Practical exercise: demo4

    CCDE Study Group October 2019 Scenario: demo4 Date: June 13, 2019. Rev 0. Note that this exercise continues the practical exercise demo3: Practical exercise: demo3 Re: 3_Service stability Thank you f...
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  • Optimal Routing Design - Question

    While reading through optimal routing design I noticed following paragraph which confused me. Is the terminology used here correct ?   Interlayer traffic is traffic that is forwarded within the network layer, wh...
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  • Practical exercise: demo3

    CCDE Study Group October 2019 Scenario: demo3 Date: June 8, 2019. Rev 0.   Background information You are a Network engineer at Flycopter Highway Security Services (FHSS). You have been recently hired to provide...
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  • Practical exercise: demo2

    CCDE Study Group October 2019 Scenario: demo2 Date: May 30, 2019. Rev 0.   General informationAs a consultant and SME in network design from the T2-SP-Consortium, last week you received a report about the state o...
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  • Rendezvous Point High Availability Mechanisms

    The Rendezvous Point (RP) is a fundamental piece in all variants of the Any Source Multicast (ASM) distribution model. In any network design with ASM involved, high availability of the RP should be taken into account ...
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  • Practical exercise: demo1

    Hi, I want to share with you an exercise you can use to review some concepts towards the practical. It has NOT a strict exam format, in the sense that does not follow the use case + design lifecycle axis format, but I...
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  • Architectural Suggestion Needed !!

    Hi Everyone,   Good Day !!   Looking at long term deals for some of our clients we need to come up with model, that we manage end to end ODC infra. In most of our cases we extend our MPLS to client locatio...
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  • MPLS L3VPN Inter-AS Option D

    Designer: Hello, it has been a while since we got in touch. I am having some concerns regarding the last Inter-AS Option we deployed: Option C. The volume of leaked information in between the two autonomous systems ...
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