Autoconfiguration automates network configuration to simplify  deployment as well as assisting with moves, adds and additions of endpoints to the network.


    Autoconfiguration Basics Tutorial


    The goal of this module is to provide a high level overview of auto-configuration. It is composed of the following sections:

    • Overview (3:15 min) - Highlights some of the key challenges in mass deployment of rich media endpoints.
    • Solution (1:33 min) - Explains the steps required to simplify the installation of these rich media endpoints and includes details on how the auto-configuration functions operate.
    • Components (0:55 min) - Presents more technical details on enabling the features of the autoconfiguration solution.
    • Setup (1:00 min) - Provides a configuration example to help explain the concepts.
    • Benefits (0:42 min) – Highlights the benefits of autoconfiguration.


    Download the script

    Review the Autoconfiguration FAQ