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    Autoconfiguration automates network configuration to simplify  deployment as well as assisting with moves, adds and additions of endpoints to the network.


    Want a demonstration of how autoconfiguration works?

    Medianet Plug–N–Play Demo

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    Autoconfiguration Basics Tutorial


    The goal of this module is to provide a high level overview of auto-configuration. It is composed of the following sections:

    • Overview (3:15 min) - Highlights some of the key challenges in mass deployment of rich media endpoints.
    • Solution (1:33 min) - Explains the steps required to simplify the installation of these rich media endpoints and includes details on how the auto-configuration functions operate.
    • Components (0:55 min) - Presents more technical details on enabling the features of the autoconfiguration solution.
    • Setup (1:00 min) - Provides a configuration example to help explain the concepts.
    • Benefits (0:42 min) – Highlights the benefits of autoconfiguration.


    Download the script

    Review the Autoconfiguration FAQ


    Autoconfiguration Resources

    The Autoconfiguration Solution for Medianet 2.1 supports:

    • The  automation of network configuration - Auto Smart Ports and Auto QoS   automates the QoS configuration of devices detected via CDP.
    • Location integration - Automate location configuration.

    Roof Video Camera


    Configuration Guides



    AutoQoS Enhancements for Video Endpoints

    CDP Location and Location Enhancements