Medianet Media Monitoring

    Media Monitoring enhances visibility into the network to accelerate troubleshooting and assess and measure the impact of video, voice and data applications in the network.


    Media Monitoring enables an organization to:

    • Accelerate troubleshooting
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Assess the impact of video, voice, and data on your network
    • Use the information to make quantifiable business decisions regarding the network


    The Media Monitoring solution includes three (3) features:

    • Performance Monitor
    • Mediatrace
    • IPLSA Video Operation

    Media Monitoring Basics Tutorial

    Requires Flash plug-in


    The goal of the Media Monitoring Basics Tutorial module is to provide a high-level overview of media monitoring. It is comprised of the following sections:

    • Overview: Highlights the media monitoring capabilities and how they can help solve some of the challenges associated with running a network with video, voice and data applications. (3:55 min)
    • Examples: Shows examples of common challenges and how Media Monitoring capabilities can help address them. (1:58 min)
    • Capabilities: Presents more technical details on how each of the three Media Monitoring capabilities works: Performance Monitor, Mediatrace, and IPSLA Video Operation. (4:33 min)
    • Uses: Provides usage scenarios that combine the capabilities to solve common challenges.(2:29 min)


    Download the script


    Review the Media Monitoring FAQ



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    Management Solutions

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