Chapter 1: Introducing Cisco IOS XR

    Book Title:


    Cisco IOS XR Fundamentals


    Mobeen Tahir, Mark Ghattas, Dawit Birhanu, Syed Natif Nawaz


    Networking Technology


    ISBN-13: 978-1-58705-271-2

    Chapter 1: Introducing Cisco IOS XR

    This chapter reviews the evolution of network operating systems (NOS), requirements for current and future networks, and how Cisco IOS XR meets these requirements. The first section of this chapter provides an overview of the evolution of networking. The second section outlines the requirements for a carrier-grade NOS that underpins a converged network with critical applications. The third section reviews basic concepts of operating systems. The final sections provide a high-level overview of Cisco IOS XR.


    This chapter covers the following subjects:

    • Evolution of Networking

    • Requirements for Carrier-Grade NOS

    • Operating System Concepts

    • High-Level Overview of Cisco IOS XR

    • Cisco IOS XR Platforms

    • References




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