Experience What Collaboration Is Doing for Cisco


    This week, Cisco on Cisco—the team that documents Cisco's use of its own technology—launched a new interactive environment that brings you inside Cisco to see firsthand the tangible business value of collaboration, unified communications, and video in a real-world enterprise.


    The Cisco IT Collaboration Experience includes more than 30 embedded Flash videos. This visually rich, easy-to-navigate environment, lets you hear from Cisco IT engineers and managers, who provide insight on what it takes to deploy and support this new Cisco collaboration platform. Cisco Senior VP and CIO Rebecca Jacoby, VP of IT Collaboration and Communication Sheila Jordan, and other Cisco IT leaders describe the business trends driving Cisco and other companies toward greater enterprise collaboration and share their vision of the future of collaboration in the industry. See how manufacturing, sales, engineering, and human resources teams at Cisco worldwide are using new collaboration and unified communications tools to improve work speed, ease and productivity.


    You will also learn which collaboration and unified communications capabilities and technologies make the collaboration experience possible. There are additional links provided to related Cisco products and services on Cisco.com.


    Check out these real-world examples of a faster, more collaborative business environment. Get insights on the business drivers behind collaboration and Cisco strategy. Review details on building and managing the latest collaboration and unified communications tools.


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