Policies, Reference & Tools Index

    Policies, Reference & Tools Index

    This section is a quick reference for the policies, reference and tools related to the Cisco Career Certifications program.

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    Exam Information

    Consult this section for details about Cisco Career Certification exams:  associate, professional, expert level certifications and Specialist  certifications. You will find detailed information about the exams, how  to register, exam policies, as well as up-to-date exam lists and access  to details about CCIE exams.

    • About  Certification Exams — Learn the basics about written certification  exams such as typical duration, types of questions, legal agreements,  cost, and scheduling.
    • About  Registering for Exams — Learn how to register for Cisco Career  Certification exams at locations throughout the world provided by  authorized test delivery partners.
    • CCIE  Exams — Details about CCIE written and lab exams including exam  preparation suggestions, exam blueprints, lab exam policies, the  mandatory recertification requirement, and FAQs.
    • Certification  Exams — All currently available Cisco Career Certification exams  are listed by certification along with detailed exam descriptions.
    • Certification  Exam Policies — Find current information on program policies and  requirements for program participation.
    • Certification  Exam Tutorial — Learn how exam types function in Cisco Career  Certification exams.
    • Retired  Certification Exams — Consult this list for information about  retired soon-to-retire certification exams, as well as their  corresponding replacements.

    Valid certifications  may be renewed indefinitely, but without timely renewal, certifications expire or become inactive.

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    Collection of policies that are related to the certification and training areas.

    • Certification  Exam Policies — Find current information on program policies and  requirements for program participation.
    • CCIE/CCDE Policies Candidates should be familiar with the policies for Expert level program participation.

    Review the required  agreements for participation in the Cisco Career Certifications program.


    Customer Support

    Certifications Online Support is a continually-updated knowledge base offering the latest answers to your certifications and training questions. You get self-service support with easily-accessed Instant Answers, automatic answer update notification, and follow-up e-mail question service including online question status management. Check it out today and set up your personalized support account.

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    These tools are resources to help you with your learning or certifications.  Login may be required to access these tools.