Cisco 802.11n Design & Deployment Guidelines

    Cisco 802.11n Design & Deployment Guidelines

    802.11n - Design Guide


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    • It's About More Than Speed
    • So What Exactly  Is 11n?
    • Infrastructure Plumbing
    • Deploying 11n
    • Migrating   to 11n in Stages
    • Coexistence in an 802.11a/b/g/n Network
    • So, You Want to Run at 11n Speeds?

    Design Guide Introduction:

    The industry has been excited about 802.11n from the  day the suggestion was made that fast Ethernet speeds might be  achievable in the world of Wi-Fi. Now, that standard is ready for mass  consumption in the form of the Draft 2.0 version of 802.11n from the  IEEE, widely approved by the 802.11 Working Group.
    Earlier pre-N  consumer products offered, at best, no guarantee of interoperability,  forcing early adopters into single-vendor solutions, all without the  features and performance to justify enterprise-grade deployments. Draft  2.0 dramatically shifts this trend by bringing stability to the  standard, making good on the promise of 802.11n. And the Wi-Fi Alliance  has begun certifying interoperability between products that support the  standard's high-water mark. This confluence of stability and  interoperability transforms the new spec, making it ready for widespread  use in WLANs.
    Promising to  very quickly evolve even the most rudimentary of WLAN installations and  the simplest of mobility needs, 802.11n has finally found its way into  the enterprise-class wireless LAN market with a new product from Cisco®, the Cisco Aironet® 1250 Series Access Point.
    The Aironet  1250 Series access point is a ruggedized, 802.11n Draft 2.0-compliant,  modular platform that can simultaneously service 802.11b/g/n devices in  the 2.4-GHz spectrum and 802.11a/n devices in the 5-GHz spectrum, all at  line rate. The platform's support for Enhanced Power over Ethernet  (PoE) and its gigabit-capable Ethernet uplink combine to help ensure  that the enhanced access of 802.11n can be placed wherever client access  is needed and that each client and application will receive content in a  timely and reliable manner. The Cisco Aironet 1250 Series Access Point  has been specifically designed to support current and future wireless  technologies and to offer unrivaled deployment flexibility, to help you  meet the most diverse of WLAN challenges.


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