Shaping My Career with Cisco Certification


    My name is Gao Jun Feng. This is my story of how I got into networking and Cisco.


    I graduated college in 1999 and went to Shenzhen, a city in South China, to pursue a dream I shared with many young Chinese people. My first job was with a system integrator that was a one of Cisco’s gold partners. I lacked work experience and there was a gap between the computer knowledge I had learned in college and what I needed to work in the field. There was too much to learn about the Internet, host networks and databases. It felt as if I was immersed in a sea of knowledge and didn't know where to start. Fortunately under the guidance of team leader in the company, I earned MCSE certificate by taking Microsoft courses and becoming a member of the post-sales team.


    When working in the field with the project team, I found that networking provides many more opportunities for an engineer. Seeing the sophistication in how routers and switches worked and having the different functions at the fingertips of my colleagues, I was deeply attracted to these mysterious “boxes.” Cisco routers and switches operated with the use of commands and had more complex capabilities that gave me a sense of accomplishment once I had learned how to manage them.


    Through continuous learning, I gradually mastered the basic operation of routers and switches and earned a CCNA® certification in 2002. At that time, I still traveled around the country and completed dozens of network integration projects. Between the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003, I became acquainted with a group of technical fanatics. I quit my job and joined them— we shared the aspiration to build our Cisco networking skills. In the second half of 2003, I earned my CCIE® in Routing & Switching and became a Cisco lecturer.


    Routing and switching, security, voice, wireless—the wide variety of Cisco products represent different networking technologies. By directly participating in the development of Internet standards, Cisco has created a fantastic world for people who love networking technology. In the process of getting familiar with more Cisco products, I kept studying new networking technologies and earned my CCIE Security and CCIE Service Provider certifications in 2005.


    In 2006, I established my own training company Node Network Technology and launched a training center.. Having witnessed the development of Cisco networking technologies from 2000 to 2006, I positioned the company as a provider of “competency education,” not merely “certificate education.” In my view, only those who are truly competent can operate Cisco networking devices properly and once earned, this quality helps many engineers stand out in the profession. In 2010, I moved into a new training center, based in China’s Dalian High-Tech Zone. The new training center was sponsored by Cisco and was jointly developed by Cisco, the Dalian High-Tech Zone Administrative Committee and Vancelnfo Technologies. The new training center is committed to fostering high level IT professionals to meet growing demand for talent in China.


    English translation by Gao Jun Feng, CCIE #12121

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