CCIE Lab Exam Study Tips

    CCIE Lab Exam Study Tips

    Assessing Strengths

    Using the exam topics and exam checklists, determine your experience and knowledge in the major topic areas. For areas of strength, practicing for speed should be your focus. For weak areas, you may need training or book study in addition to practice.


    Study Materials

    Choose lab materials that provide configuration examples and take a hands-on approach. Look for materials that are approved or provided by Cisco and its Learning Partners. Review the content in the "Study/Learn" and "Practice" tab for the specific certification you are pursuing.


    Hands-On Practice

    Build and practice lab scenarios on a per topic basis. Go beyond the basics and practice additional features. Learn the show and debug commands along with each topic. If a protocol has multiple ways of configuring a feature, practice all of them.


    Cisco Product Support Documentation

    Make sure you can navigate the Cisco documentation CD with confidence because this is the only resource you will be allowed during the lab. Make the CD part of your regular study; if you are familiar with it, you can save time during the exam. the documentation can only be navigated using the index; the search function has been disabled.


    Home Labs and Rack Rental

    Although acquiring a personal home lab is ideal, it can be costly to gather all the equipment you will need. For the hardware devices that are costly to obtain, you may be able to rent the equipment online at a more reasonable cost or consider CCIE online rack rental, which will provide you an inexpensive way to access to CCIE lab equipment.