Cisco Celebrates the CCIE:  Global CCIE Survey and Distinguished CCIEs



    To salute more than 15 years of its CCIE® certification and to gain insight into what digital infrastructures will look like over the next five years, Cisco commissioned the most comprehensive end-customer survey ever conducted of the international CCIE community. The research explores the unique perspective of some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected information technology professionals in the networking industry.


    CCIE View into the Future of Networking


    Get survey highlights from eChannelLine's interview with Fred Weiller, Director of Marketing for Learning@Cisco.


    In addition, the Cisco Learning Network is featuring the personal stories about being CCIEs from the community of distinguished CCIEs- individuals who have held the certification for 10+ years.

    Read the personal statements from some Distinguished CCIEs, who are helping celebrate 15+ years of the certification.