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Authorized Learning Partner - Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services (U.S., Canada and Japan)

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Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services (U.S., Canada and Japan)



Fast Lane offers complete, authorized training solutions for Cisco and other advanced technology companies. Fast Lane’s traditional and instructor-led online (ILO) courses utilize authorized vendor and custom developed curriculum. As the only Cisco partner qualified to offer the Cisco 360 Learning Program for R&S program in all theaters, our mentoring sessions and webinars are available around the clock. This gives students the unique option to attend on their schedule.


About Our Program

Fast Lane offers a comprehensive, blended learning environment designed to accelerate expert-level competency and to provide the skills and training needed to prepare candidates for the rigorous CCIE Routing and Switching exam. Fast Lane’s program combines specialized assessments, self-paced learning, hands-on practice labs, and optional instructor-led workshops to create a comprehensive learning environment. This unique blended learning program is designed to support CCIE certification for individuals and organizations worldwide.


Fast Lane incorporates live, online mentoring sessions that are designed to allow open discussions around questions or concerns as students prepare for the CCIE exam. Students can be assured that Fast Lane’s CCIE Routing and Switching curriculum is current and aligned with the latest Cisco products, services, and technologies.


Core Components from Fast Lane

The Fast Lane training plan will help ensure students are progressing toward their ultimate goal: achieving CCIE Routing and Switching certification. The following components of the training plan are tailored to fit each student’s requirements for success:

  • Assessment: A pre-assessment diagnostic exam will benchmark the student’s exposure to networking topics.
  • Planning: The learning path designed for the student utilizes the breadth of the curriculum to obtain the necessary education and exposure.
  • Day-to-day learning: Students participate in lessons, read materials, and work with subject matter experts to gain understanding and knowledge on the topics in which they need to develop competencies.
  • Practice: Practice exercises expose students to real-world configurations by asking them to apply topics in actual scenarios.
  • Review: Students measure their understanding and validate their application and use of the various approaches to solving network problems with the technologies.
  • Mastery: Utilizing the reference material, answer keys, and best practices, students can then review their work and hone their skills.


The Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Routing and Switching accelerates your learning experience with the most generous amount of lab gear per student of any Cisco learning offering. Each pod contains four routers, six switches, virtualized PCs, a TFTP server, a Frame Relay cloud, and backbone routers to inject routes for testing and troubleshooting.


For More Information

Company: Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services (U.S. and Canada)


Telephone: 919-674-3100



Company: Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer APAC
Phone: +612 9280 1820



Company: Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer Japan, Inc.
Phone: +81 3 5401 3760



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