Distinguished CCIE:  James Knights, Bell Canada

    The CCIE certification had a profound impact on my career. In 1997 CCIEs were still very rare.


    I was working for Bell Canada at the time, a company heavy with technical resources, where projects usually draw from several groups. Having the certification meant I did not have to prove myself, I was able to take a leadership role on a number of major complex projects, giving me a much wider view and scope than I had before.


    I became the technical advisor of the customer engineering team. Probably the most satisfying job I ever had. It was great to be able to pick and choose the projects I wanted to personally handle, and at the same time keeping an eye on the other projects ready to lend a hand when needed. I was also able to work with the technology groups to develop solutions. I have been involved in very diverse projects, from banks to hospitals, from governments and security agencies to utilities.


    What gave me the most satisfaction was being able to share my experience with others: mentoring, coaching, and providing the support they needed. I had the pleasure to help three colleagues reach their own CCIE certification; and there’s one more on the way.



    The Road, by James Knights, CCIE # 2990, NCDE (Wireless), NCSE (Switching)