Chapter 7: Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

    Book Title:



    Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook, Second Edition


    Steve McQuerry, David Jansen, David Hucaby


    Networking Technology


    ISBN-13: 978-1-58705-610-9

    Chapter 7: Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

    This is a sample chapter from the Cisco Press book "Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook, Second Edition."  The book is designed to provide a quick and easy reference guide for all the features that can be configured on Cisco Catalyst switches. It is a great source of information and/or documentation about Cisco Catalyst switches and provides a quick and portable solution for networking professionals.



    This chapter covers the following subjects:

    • STP Operating: Explains the spanning-tree algorithm in relation to the processes
      and decisions made by a switch

    • STP Configuration: Presents the basic steps needed to configure the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

    • STP Convergence Tuning: Covers the more advanced steps needed to configure
      and tune STP convergence

    • Navigating the Spanning-Tree Topology: Offers suggestions on how to find the
      root of a spanning-tree topology and how to map out an active topology by hand







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