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Unofficial TSHOOT Resource Guide (written by me)

Created on: Jan 26, 2010 11:21 AM by Michael Law - Last Modified:  Feb 1, 2010 6:45 AM by Funjo Hiram

Okay, apparently Cisco has an abundance of troubleshooting web pages available for the protocols that we learn in ROUTE/BSCI and SWITCH/BCMSN exams. The word TSHOOT means Troubleshooting. If you have seen the syllabus, you will find it is nothing but troubleshooting for the ROUTE and SWITCH exams. This is mostly over IP routed protocols and ethernet switched protocols. There are some voice, video, security and wireless.


The TSHOOT beta exam is not released till February 16th, 2010 but I have decided to get cracking on it now. The beta last till March 26th, 2010 for a cost of $50USD. That's an awesome price considering it's typically $150USD. Also, if you pass the beta, it counts as a legit exam but is not acknowledged until ~April 10th, 2010, I think when the final TSHOOT is released.


I posted some initial ideas in a discussion in the CCNP Forum and have given this exam outline considerable thought. I cannot predict what will be on the exam because I have no materials other than the syllabus to go off of. Also, this compiled list of materials is subject to be incorrect. It is just a prediction. Cisco Press doesn't release books till next month and Command guides for another couple of months. So, I have taken upon myself to gather some materials from Google about the topics needed for the TSHOOT exam. I only choose from the top 10 results in the web search so these may not be the best web pages. Luckily, most of them are straight from Cisco. The larger IP routing protocols were easy to find results for while some of the smaller switching protocols were much tougher to find troubleshooting topics on.


Here is my initial list of resources. There are holes. Please help me update if you know of other resources not listed here.




If you are interested in taking the TSHOOT beta and have additional information and want to help out, I would appreciate and I'll post updated material on this document.


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Thanks - Mike

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