Cisco Certified Architect Syllabus v2

    Cisco Certified Architect Certification


    Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr™)

    The Cisco Certified Architect certification recognizes the architectural expertise of network designers who can support the increasingly complex networks of global organizations and effectively translate business strategies into evolutionary technical strategies.


    Defining the Cisco Certified Architect

    A Cisco Certified Architect gathers the business requirements and objectives necessary to produce a blueprint for an integrated, large-scale, complex, global network. They can translate business parameters and objectives into functional requirements for a network design.  In addition, Cisco Certified Architects can clearly communicate and advocate proposed Cisco network architectures.


    Responsibilities of the Cisco Certified Architect

    • Lead creation and evolution of architecture

    • Analyze technology and industry market trends

    • Establish governing principles  for networks

    • Selection of technology and products

    • Identification of organization resource needs

    • Lead the development of communication and education plan for network architecture



    Valid CCDE along with a thorough understanding of networking infrastructure principles.

    Candidates must also have an active login to the Cisco Learning Network.

    Recommended Training and Experience

    There are no formal training programs available for the Cisco Certified Architect certification. Candidates must hold a valid CCDE certification and submit an application with their qualifications,  before attempting the board examination.  Approval to take the board exam is based on depth and breadth of architecture experience.  View the Cisco Certified Architect Exam Topics for more details.


    Steps to Certification (login to access this content)

    Step One:    Application and Interview

    Applicants for CCAr are required to submit a resume (subject to verification), a summary of an architecture project, and a non-refundable fee of US$ 3,750.  Architect Board members, appointed by Cisco, will interview and evaluate  applicants to decide whether they are qualified to proceed to the in-person Board Review.  Certification is a selective process and not all applicants are expected to qualify for the Board Review.


    Step Two:   Board Review 

    Once qualified by the Architect Board, candidates must submit their final payment of US$11,250  to obtain the architecture challenge materials and schedule their live Board Review.



      Candidates that are granted the Cisco  Certified Architect Certification upon successful completion of their respective  Board Reviews will continue to maintain and recertify their Cisco Certified  Architect Certification, along with all of their  existing certifications, as long as  they continue to successfully contribute to and participate on future Board  Reviews.



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