Implementing Cisco TelePresence Installations (ITI) v1.0  - Course Description

    Implementing Cisco TelePresence Installations (ITI) v1.0

    This e-learning course is designed to build Cisco TelePresence installation skills for installing single-screen video conferencing endpoints, as well as to help learners prepare for the Cisco TelePresence Installations Specialist certification exam.


    Associated Certifications:

    Cisco TelePresence Installations Specialist
    Course Duration:3 hours (4, 90 minute modules)
    Available Languages:English
    Course Cost:No Cost (Free)
    Course Format:Online Course (login required)

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    While there is no pre-requisite certification, a working understanding of basic  Internet-based device connections is highly recommended.


    Course Description

    Implementing Cisco TelePresence Installations (ITI) v1.0 is designed to give learners a strong understanding of physical installations of Cisco TelePresence systems 500, 1000, 1100, and 1300. Topics include room readiness recommendations, physical assembly of single-screen systems, codec cabling, first-time setup, camera tuning, and installation of auxiliary devices such as document cameras. Resulting skills development enables network engineers and technicians to install the furniture; to construct the frame, table, stand, and wall mount; and to connect the cables and networking equipment for the Cisco TelePresence systems 500, 1000, 1100, and 1300.


    Course Objectives

    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Describe a Cisco TelePresence solution and the technology that makes it work
    • Perform a Room Readiness Assessment on a chosen Cisco TelePresence room and validate its acceptability
    • Assemble the Cisco TelePresence Systems 500, 1000, 1100, and 1300 structure
    • Perform verification testing and component configuration


    The ITI course prepares networking professionals to perform installations of Cisco TelePresence video networks for single-screen solutions.


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