Community-Generated Content Information

    Community-Generated Content

    What is it?

    Our community of users have a wealth of experience, and many have created content in a variety of forms that you may find useful as you prepare for your next exam, or as a tool in your daily work.

    Can I post content here?

    Yes, any registered user can create content on the site in designated areas.  The Certification Center has all of our certifications listed.  You will want to post your content within the related exam.  Example:  If you have a document for the BSCI exam, go to that page to add your content there.


    When you are in the correct section that you would like the content listed, click on the "New" link.  Look at the diagram below to see how to do this. (click on the image to enlarge)


    BSCI add doc.jpg

    Are there any limits on what I can post?

    Be sure to follow the Posting Guidelines Quick Reference / Acceptable Use Agreement which applies to the entire site.


    Tips to Create a document:

    - What type of content do you want to post?


      • Make sure people can find your document

      - Document Title, be sure it is clear what the document is about

      - Add specific tags to your document so that your page is found

      Rating of Documents:

      Get in the habit of rating documents.  This is good for all users to see what the community rates each document.  It is also an integral piece of how these documents will grow in visibility.


      Comments on Documents:

      Leave Constructive comments on documents you review and encourage others to comment on documents you create.  We encourage both the community and author to review these, as many times your question may be answered in the comments section.

      We would like to get your feedback; please comment and/or rate this document.