Cisco Certified Architect Webinar - 27Aug09 b

    Now Available, Audio Playback and Slides: Cisco Certified Architect /CCDE Webinar Event


    The audio and slides from the Cisco Certified Architect/CCDE™ webinar  are now available for access on the Cisco Learning Network. 







    Please follow the instructions to access the audio from the event. Slides from the presentation may also be downloaded in PDF format from the Cisco Certified Architect page on the Cisco Learning Network. , please feel free to provide feedback by joining the discussion forum.



    A recorded version of the webinar and transcript will be made available within the next 72 hours.







    Cisco values your feedback. If you have questions about Cisco Certified Architect or CCDE certifications, please contact for more updates regarding the Cisco Certified Architect program in the near future on the Cisco Learning Network.








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    Webinar Playback Instructions


    Call MeetingPlace:

    • Toll-free (US only): 1-800-260-2140
    • Toll-free (Canada only): 1-866-701-6338
    • International Direct Dial: 1-617-231-2053



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