Cisco Learning Partners Program

    Cisco Learning Partners offer Authorized Cisco Content

    Cisco Learning Solutions Partners (CLSPs), Cisco Learning Partners (CLPs), and their sponsored organizations are currently the only authorized commercial source for Cisco training.


    These organization are uniquely qualified to offer market-leading training for the latest advances in Cisco technology. In addition to offering scheduled courses, they can also customize training to address specific training needs you or your organization may have.




    • The latest learning content, authorized by Cisco, created in conjunction with Cisco product teams, and delivered by Certified Cisco Instructors

    • Strict quality guarantee managed by a Cisco online evaluation system

    • Virtual practice labs using the latest Cisco equipment

    • Simulations created by Cisco to help prepare for Cisco exams

    • Comprehensive learning needs and skills-gap analysis

    • Customized courses that meet the needs of you and your organization using Cisco-authorized content




      Benefits of Training

      • Five-fold ROI in Productivity: Every hour of end-user and IT professional training returns an average of five hours productivity to the enterprise.


      • Increased Organizational Success: Higher proficiency, efficiency and skill with which people perform their jobs using technology can translate into greater organizational success and return on the investment.


      • Greater Competitive Advantage: Staying ahead of the technology curve means can position your organization ahead of the competition.


      • Boosted Employee Loyalty: Employees who are allowed to update their skill via regular training not only keep their skill level high but also have a higher level of interest in their work and loyalty to their employers.
      • Easy Purchase Option: It is possible now to prepay for Cisco training--even using learning credits--at the time your purchase Cisco hardware, software, and services, thus reducing expense administration, purchase orders, and reimbursements.

      Learning Partners Offer Core and Advanced Training
      In addition to offering authorized baseline training on Cisco core technologies, most Cisco Learning Partners specialize in advanced technology training. Coverage areas include security, IP communications, storage networking and wireless LAN, leveraging Cisco intellectual property and Certified Cisco Systems Instructors.


      • Cisco Learning Partners are the authorized source for the entire spectrum of Cisco advanced technology training.
      • Locate a Cisco Learning Solutions Partner or Cisco Learning Partner in your area with the expertise you require using The Global Cisco Learning Partner Locator to get the most out of your Cisco equipment investment.



        For more information about Authorized Cisco Learning Partners visit About Learning Partners.