Common VLAN, VTP and Trunk link configuration errors

    Common VLAN, VTP and Trunk link configuration errors

    Tips for Taking the CCIE R&S Lab Exam


    Candidates who are preparing for the Cisco CCIE® Routing and Switching (R&S) lab exam will find this resource helpful in learning how to properly configure link aggregation with EtherChannel, common VLAN, and Virtual Terminal Protocol (VTP). This tip sheet also explains how to identify trunk link configuration errors.

    The candidate should be able to meet these objectives after reviewing this document:
    1. Describe the best practices for configuring port channels using EtherChannel
    2. Show how to configure load balancing among the ports included in an EtherChannel
    3. Identify common problems with VTP, VLAN, and trunk link configurations
    4. Explain trunk link problems and identify best practices for resolving trunk link problems
    5. Show common problems with VTP configuration


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    Bruce Yim, Cisco Systems, Inc.


    July 2008