Top Ten Tips for taking the Lab Exam

    Lab Study and Exam Tips


    Please review the Lab Exam Overview for general information about the lab exam. The information below is meant to help you prepare for the lab exam.




    Manage your time.  Calculate the average time you have per question. After the 25% of the length of the section verify if you are on track, do the same after 50% of the time and 75% of the length of the section.


    Keep in mind the point values of the questions. Do not forget to allow time at the end to verify the solution and ensure you are still meeting the requirements. Do not make any drastic changes in the last minute of the exam.


    In the Troubleshoot and Configuration sections, read the entire lab exam section before starting configuring it. Some items you might be able to fix/configure them in one go.


    Start working with the task-id you know best. Leave those you don’t know as well, for later.


    If the question is not clear what should be achieved, clarify with the proctor. Do not assume requirements that are not mentioned in the question.


    Do not get stuck in a question you do not know, move to the next question. If you have time to return to the unknown questions, try using the Cisco Online Documentation to help you identify the solution.


    Keep in mind that points are awarded for working solution. Very unlikely the configuration will be verified, most of the time the verification is based on device outputs.


    In the Diagnostic section, read the description and the question of each trouble ticket. Only check the configuration part and outputs that help you answer the question.


    In the Diagnostic section it is not expected that you to read all the sources of documentation provided. You have only one hour to answer 10 trouble tickets.


    Speed is vital on the exam. Identify what is your quickest way to deploy the configuration, "copy and paste", TCL script, etc. Cisco IOS XR might have some extra resources to help you deploy the final solution in a fast way with less typing.