Cisco IT Launches Interactive Tour of Its Newest Production Data Center

    Richardson Tour Image.jpg

    Take this interactive tour of the Richardson Data Center, brought to you by the Cisco on Cisco group. This virtual, multimedia environment lets you explore the design and implementation of the newest Cisco production data center in Richardson, Texas.


    Developed to share the Cisco data-center approach with customers and partners in a real-life, easy-to-navigate setting, the virtual tour includes 15 discrete areas of the data center. From the main 3-D interface, you simply click on one of the locations for an expanded view and additional information. Many locations feature Flash videos with insights from Cisco IT architects and facilities managers on the specific design, function, or implementation. Each location includes a description and photos in an easy-to-view format.


    Also included are executive-level videos on the Cisco global data center strategy and site selection, and the challenges, solutions, and some lessons learned from the Richardson implementation.



    Take a virtual tour of the Richardson Data Center Now!