Cisco Learning Credits

    ||Cisco Learning Credits offer an convenient way to pay for training. You can redeem credits with authorized Cisco Learning Partners as well as use them for a subscription to Cisco Live! Virtual. Cisco Learning Credits can also be added to your purchase order when ordering Cisco products.| Cisco Learning Credits offers these benefits: * Ensures staff is expertly trained by authorized Cisco Learning Partners * Reduces administrative costs by eliminating the need to open multiple purchase orders. * Offers you the ability to monitor your training history and delivers on the flexibility needed to meet the needs of your organization Find out more about Cisco Learning Credits *

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    Review a Cisco Training Map to assist you in determining your training needs, courses offered and how many Learning Credits are needed.

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    Gain access to the Learning Credits Management Tool and information about redeeming, tracking and reporting your Learning Credits.

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    for more information on Cisco Learning Credits