Cisco Voice Gateway and Gatekeepers: Chapter 17 (Sample Chapter Only)

    Chapter 17- Gatekeeper Configuration (Sample Chapter Only)

    This is a sample chapter taken from Cisco Voice Gateway and Gatekeepers Guide. Click here to learn more about the Cisco Voice Gateway and Gatekeepers Guide or click on the pdf file below to access the content.


    Book Title: Cisco Voice Gateway and Gatekeepers Guide
    Author(s): David Mallory , Ken Salhoff and Denise Donohue
    ISBN-10: 1-58705-258-X
    ISBN-13: 978-1-58705-258-3


    This chapter covers the following subjects:

    • Complete the basic configuration of a Cisco router as a gatekeeper

    • Troubleshoot basic gatekeeper configurations

    • Configure a Cisco CallManager system to use a gatekeeper for both H.323 and intercluster trunks

    • Understand and configure gatekeeper redundancy using both HSRP and gatekeeper


    • Troubleshoot gatekeeper redundancy issues


    This chapter discusses how to actually implement Cisco IOS gatekeepers in the network.


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