Intro to FCoE

    Intro to FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)

    AUTHOR: Dennis Masters
    DATE: Dec 2008
    DESCRIPTION: A consolidation of content that provides an Introduction to FCoE.

    Summary of Topics covered:

    • FCoE is the encapsulation of native Fibre Channel into an Ethernet frame.

    • Need for FCoE is due to evolving business requirements.

    • FCoE is being developed by INCITS T11.

    • FCoE must utilize jumbo frames (or the 2.5K baby jumbo).

    • Fibre Channel forwarder forwards frames based on a Layer 3 lookup.

    • FCoE may be added to an Ethernet switch or to a Fibre Channel switch.

    • Encapsulation of Fibre Channel frames occurs through the mapping of Fibre Channel onto Ethernet.

    The following content may be useful reference in the following associated certifications/specializations:

    Data Center Application Services

    Data Center Switching Network Infrastructure

    Data Center Storage Networking


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