Router on a Stick Flexibility with Logical Topologies with André Laurent: Lesson 6: Closing and Q&A



    Lesson 6: Closing and Q&A


    Lesson 6: Closing and Q&APresented by André Laurent - 3xCCIE and CCDE

    This video training lesson concludes the CCNA Study Session on creating environments leveraging a router on a stick for flexibility. In it, you find a Q&A session with André Laurent (3xCCIE and CCDE) as he answers questions regarding cable sizes, loopbacks, and mac addresses. He then closes the session by encouraging students to take their questions to the discussion forums in order to continue their learning experience and learn as much as possible from each other.



    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: Topologies Overview

    Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a Trunk

    Lesson 4: Build the Topology

    Lesson 5: Configuration

    Lesson 6: Closing and Q&A

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