Router on a Stick Flexibility with Logical Topologies with André Laurent: Lesson 5: Configuration



    Lesson 5: Configuration


    Lesson 5: ConfigurationPresented by André Laurent - 3xCCIE and CCDE

    The fifth training video lesson in this CCNA study session contains a student-led configuration in which students help André configure the rest of the topology. Participants begin with the connection between Routers 2 and 3 as they verify the trunk, configure sub interfaces, and assign an IP address. Eventually, they close the loop and complete the configuration after configuring and verifying an additional interface between Routers 1 and 3 while 3xCCIE and CCDE André gives helpful tips along the way.



    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: Topologies Overview

    Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a Trunk

    Lesson 4: Build the Topology

    Lesson 5: Configuration

    Lesson 6: Closing and Q&A

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