Router on a Stick Flexibility with Logical Topologies with André Laurent: Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a Trunk



    Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a Trunk


    Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a TrunkPresented by André Laurent - 3xCCIE and CCDE

    This training video lesson is about VLANs and building a trunk. With help from the routing and switching students, André looks at how to configure a trunk at the command line using 802.12 encapsulation between Switches 1 and 2 and then follows up with verification commands to verify that his trunk is up and to see which VLANs might be forwarding on the trunk. André also investigates how to assign a port to be part of a VLAN, and he concludes the lesson with a discussion about router on a stick (ROS).



    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: Topologies Overview

    Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a Trunk

    Lesson 4: Build the Topology

    Lesson 5: Configuration

    Lesson 6: Closing and Q&A

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