Router on a Stick Flexibility with Logical Topologies with André Laurent: Lesson 2: Topologies Overview



    Lesson 2: Topologies Overview


    Lesson 2: Topologies OverviewPresented by André Laurent - 3xCCIE and CCDE

    The second training video lesson focuses on designing the topology. Before getting started with building dynamic topologies, the first thing André wants to do is draw and design the topology that he wants to play in. He enlists the help of the students in attendance and continues to facilitate an interactive and engaging CCNA study session.



    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: Topologies Overview

    Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a Trunk

    Lesson 4: Build the Topology

    Lesson 5: Configuration

    Lesson 6: Closing and Q&A

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