CCNA Cyber Ops- SECFND Exam Preparation Material

    Hi CLN Members,


    Last week I shared my study experience on SECOPS exam. this is the continuation of that. For Cyber ops certification, You have to pass both SECFND 210-250 and SECOPS 210-255 exams but you can take it in any order you like.


    Today I would like to share SECFND exam preparation material that I used during my exam. Some experts here once suggested that wide learning is always beneficial. It was my first cyber security related official course so I studied from lot of other additional material (i.e. security+ study guide, safari books online video and other free stuff on internet) to fully grasp on some topics. But that’s not necessary if you have already security experience or related certifications.


    If anyone enrolled in scholarship program then you’ll get end to end preparation guideline from mentors. But those who are self-studying for this certification, I believe you will find this helpful.

    I will try to cover here only that one must require to successfully complete the exam.


    Study material:


    1. Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals (SECFND) v1.0 


    Total 14 chapters included with 12 hands on lab. These labs are undeniably excellent to build foundation knowledge on cyber security. Though there is so far no simulation questions in exam but this lab knowledge will definitely boost your confidence.


    2. CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND #210-250 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Tests


    This OCG is must to have. This is an excellent reference guide rather than just a certification guide.Though most of the exam topics is covered in e-learning, I would suggest to go through the books at least once. You don't need to read all topics, just stick to the blueprint. 

    And Pearson online practice test is really good to gauge your preparation.


    3.[Additional] CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND 210-250 Live Lessons Video training


    This training series also is good but additional. Sometimes I watched the video first then study that chapter from books. This way I was able to absorb that concepts well :-)


    4. SECFND Exam Topics


    for my study purpose, I prepared a version of this blueprint where I try to map the topics with relevant e-learning section. I didn’t map the OCG chapters because OCG is almost aligned with exam topics. So you won’t have any problem to track topics from book. Excel file attached here.


    That's don’t need any other additional material for SECFND. Happy Studies !! :-D


    You'll find my SECOPS study plan here.SECOPS Exam Preparation Material



    [Note for Beginners in Information Security--]


    Those who are new to this field I would suggest before starting SECFND, its better if you can enroll and at least complete one of this free training on cisco netacad. You’ll get certificate of completion from Cisco Academy as well :-D


    • Introduction to Cybersecurity

    • Cybersecurity Essentials


    If you are new to Linux OS environment, you can try this training. In SECFND lab, most of the attack is launched from Kali linux. So, if you have good foundation on linux, you’ll be rocking..

    • NDG Linux Unhatched


    Last thing ((i promise) :-)) to know, is Wireshark..Not only for cyber ops exam, you will need this in some other sys admin jobs in daily basis.

    • Wireshark basic tutorial:


    I reckon i didn't miss anything..if i remember i'll definitely add it here later..Feel free to ask me if any query.

    Good luck everybody!!!