SECOPS Exam Preparation Material

    Hi Members,


    I was thinking to prepare a complete list of all the study materials of secops. My focus is those future exam-takers who are just trying to break into infosec from scratch like me. As it is a new certification track, i've so many questions popped in my mind and i was looking for answers for those. So, during my preparation I didn't leave any stone unturned.


    I want to admit it was a privilege for me to get accepted into the scholarship program. I can't deny the benefits of mentor sessions. But it's also true that anyone who are self-studying for this certification can achieve similar level of expertise.


    let's start...for SECOPS you need some additional documents other than e-learning and OCG.


    Study Material:


    1. Cisco e-learning material - Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations (SECOPS) v1.0…

    total 15 chapters with 9 hands on lab. For beginners, this lab is simply excellent. you can't imagine how it will boost your confidence.


    2. CCNA Cyber Ops SECOPS 210-255 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Tests By Omar Santos, Joseph Muniz

    CCNA Cyber Ops SECOPS 210-255 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Tests


    I prefer e-book (I purchased these during 50% offer :-P). It's a daunting task to read whole books but what i did after i finished the e-learning , i started to study from books. It was easy for me that time to grasp all those concepts. Pearson Practice test really helps me to evaluate my understanding on topics. And these tests are pretty similar to actual test in terms of complexity.


    3. NIST SP 800-61r2  - Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

    For exam preparation section-3 is Must. Though the books and e-learning covers a lot on incident handling but Its better to go through whole documents at least once to have an idea what's there.

    4. NIST SP 800-86 - Guide to Integrating Forensic Techniques into Incident Response

    Same goes here. Its better to go through whole documents at least once. As per exam blueprint Section 3-5 is Must.


    5.  Regular Expressions

    Regex Cheat Sheet


    6. Wireshark display Filters: I post a link on Wireshark tutorial in SECFND exam preparation post. But if you want to review quickly all the display filters, i found this very  helpful


    7. SECOPS Exam Topics/ Blueprint

    SECOPS Exam Topics

    for my easy study tracking, i prepared a version of this topics list where i tried to map every topics with e-learning or books. i've attached here in excel.


    I don't want to mention read this, this & this....i would say try to cover all the topics mentioned in the Exam blueprint..if you are not so sure about something, Google is your friend. ..Then explain these terms to someone else. See how you can go with it. Forget the exam , main focus is to enjoy your study and learn something new...


    Good luck everybody!