Workload Portability: Lesson 4: Hybrid Cloud Solutions



    Lesson 4: Hybrid Cloud Solutions


    Lesson 4: Hybrid Cloud SolutionsIn this free training video, Nadir Lakhani, a Technical Solutions Architect for WW Tetration Analytics, discusses currently available Hybrid Cloud Solutions. The following additional informational resources are provided in this lesson.Show Additional Information


    Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    • There are many Hybrid Cloud Solutions available today from various vendors with differentiating capabilities as shown below:

      • PAAS

      • Application Centric Management

      • Orchestrator

      • Infrastructure Centric Management


    CloudCenter Unique Value

    • Model Once. Deploy and Manage Anywhere

      • One Integrated Platform

      • Lifecycle Management

      • New and Existing Applications

      • Data Center

      • Private Cloud

      • Public Cloud


    What Does "Model Once" Mean?

    • Infrastructure-Centric

    • Cloud-Specific workflows and Scripts

    • Labor /Services


    Unique Technology Advantage

    • One Profile, One Platform

      • Application topology

      • Infrastructure resources

      • Deployable Artifacts

      • Orchestration

      • Policies



    • Workload Portability: Ability to move workload from one environment to another and back again.

    • Hybrid Cloud: Cloud computing environment which uses a mix of on premises, private cloud and, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

    • Application Evolution: Cloud native applications are new normal, and their adoption is driving the momentum.

    • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Adoption of hybrid cloud has enhanced the development of hybrid cloud solution.


    Learning Matrix for Cloud

    • Cisco Press books and videos

      • Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud: Delivering business grade cloud applications and services - Chapter 1 (IBSN-10; 1-58714-294-5)

      • Cloud Computing: Automating the Virtualized Data Center - Chapter 4 (IBSN-10; 1-58720-665-X)

    • Cisco Live presentations

      • TNKCLD-1004 - From Convergence to Cloud

      • BSOGEN-1002 - Cloud Security Lessons Learned

      • BRKCRT-2603 - Cloudy with a chance of SDN

      • BRKSEC-2404 - Effective Cloud Security Made Simple - Cloud Security Re-imagined with CloudLock

      • BRKCLD-2009 - Cloud Types and Security - What the Mean to You and Your Company

      • BRKCLD-2008 - Multi-Cloud and Application Centric Modeling. Deployment and Management with Cisco CloudCenter

      • CRKDCN-2367 - OpenStack Deployment in the Enterprise and Service Provider

    • Recommended Courses and Videos

      • Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud (CLDAUT)

      • Cisco Cloud Infrastructure (CLDINF)

      • Designing the Cisco Cloud (CLDDES)

    • Reference URLs, Videos, & Blogs

      • Cisco Cloud Overview

      • Cisco Cloud Blogs

      • What is OpenStack

      • OpenStack 101 Video

      • OpenStack Documentation

      • Cloud Tutorial

      • Cloud Security Alliance

    • CCIE Community Events

      • CCIE Technical webinars

    • Cisco DevNet

      • Cloud Dev Center


    Lesson 1: Introduction to Workload Portability

    Lesson 2: Emergence of Hybrid Cloud

    Lesson 3: Application Evolution

    Lesson 4: Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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