Workload Portability: Lesson 3: Application Evolution



    Lesson 3: Application Evolution


    Lesson 3: Application EvolutionIn this free training video, Nadir Lakhani, a Technical Solutions Architect for WW Tetration Analytics, discusses the evolution of applications as they transition from traditional to cloud native apps. The following additional informational resources are provided in this lesson.Show Additional Information


    Application Evolution

    • Transition from traditional to cloud native apps

      • Traditional Applications: Based on a multi-tier application development approach

      • Cloud Native Applications: Based on a micro-services application development approach

    • Portability with micro services empowers DevOps further

      • What: The App. Code

        • C ++

        • Visual Studio

        • JAVA

      • Where

        • The Runtime Environment

          • UNIX

          • Windows

          • JRE

      • It’s no longer dissociated as all dependencies are embedded, hence it’s fully portable across environments (on-prem or public cloud or SaaS)

    • From points of insertion to embedded as it scales out, inclusive to public cloud

      • Perimeter Security

      • Security and SLB Services Insertion

    • Traditional and micro services based application are conceptually different

      • From services, locality, scale, portability, etc.


    Lesson 1: Introduction to Workload Portability

    Lesson 2: Emergence of Hybrid Cloud

    Lesson 3: Application Evolution

    Lesson 4: Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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